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And on the ninth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need someone to have a kind heart full of compassion and a spirit as free as a wild mustang and as old as time.” So, God made a farmer’s daughter. Farmer's Daughter, Daughter Quotes, Daughters, Country Life, Country Music, Paul Harvey, Hard Work Quotes, Down On The Farm, Way Of Life

So, God Made A Farmer's Daughter

Everyone has heard Paul Harvey's version of "So, God Made A Farmer" from Ram's Superbowl commercial, but now it's the farmer's daughter.

Beautiful Flaws – Goodnight Irene & Me Quilt Quilting Tutorials, Quilt Making, Irene, Good Night, Farming, Quilt Patterns, Craft Ideas, Quilts, Blanket

Beautiful Flaws – Goodnight Irene & Me Quilt

I can tell you where every flaw in this quilt is. Just as I can tell you the external and internal flaws of myself. You may look at this quilt and see beauty. I know I do. It is hard for me to see beauty in myself much anymore. But it's there. This quilt makes…

Farm Kids | Farming Grace Daily Farm Kids, Perspective On Life, Trust God, My Childhood, Farming, Growing Up, My Life, Dads, Social Media

Farm Kids

Farm kids get a unique perspective on life I think. I have raised a couple kids off the farm and now one on the farm. Part of my childhood was spent on a farm while my husband's entire life has been. Although our daughter may not run her own farm someday or work in agriculture,…

Farmer’s Wait | Farming Grace Daily Moving Forward, Farming, Social Media, Move Forward, Social Networks, Keep Going, Social Media Tips

Farmer’s Wait

Life of the farmer. Waiting patiently for circumstances out of their control to finish so they can move forward in their operations. #farming2019 #myksfarmlife #farminggracedaily #rain #plant19 Another social media post I am proud of so it's here on the blog now so my future family members can see it. Kansas Farm Bureau even reposted…

See what's happening on our Kansas Farm! Farm Life, Farming, Kansas, Shit Happens, Travel, Outdoor, Voyage, Outdoors, Viajes

All the Crops Update!

See what's happening on our Kansas Farm!

Family Farm Planting Season has begun! Read about a Ks farm! Corn Plant, Holy Week, He Day, Being A Landlord, Farm Life, Planting, Farming, Entertaining, Seasons

April 2019 – Corn Planting

Our 2019 spring crop planting season officially began this week on the 16th. The little planter we have is only a 6 row and to be honest we would really like to have a larger one. Since Milton is the only one actively farming, a larger one would help to get the crops in the…

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VVDDP – 2019 #2

As usual the evening turned out better than we anticipated and ended with us having headaches from laughing so much and more wrinkles from smiling all evening! Just how you want a gathering to go! Our guests participated by bringing some of the food and also completing their video assignments! They are such good sports…

January 2019 – Winter Once Again Twin Brothers, Farm Life, Farming, Winter, Outdoor, Winter Time, Outdoors, Outdoor Games, Outdoor Living

January 2019 – Winter Once Again

We had some snow arrive and we received about 3 to 4 inches approximately. It was so very pretty when I awoke on Saturday the 12th. We were headed to a funeral for Milton's uncle (his dad's twin brother) on this day. Although the outdoor conditions were not ideal for a funeral it was a…

  November Month, Farm Life, Farming, Adoption, How To Plan

The Month Of November

November is a month when we normally start to wind down around the farm. This year has been one for the books in regards to our farming operation but today I do not plan to blog about the farm. I wanted to visit with you about a different topic, one that is far greater to…

Annual Landlord Appreciation Dinner Party  Farming Grace Daily .com Being A Landlord, Farm Life, Farming, Appreciation, Dinner, Party, Blog, Dining, Dinners

Annual Landlord Appreciation Dinner Party Farming Grace Daily .com

 And more rain. Fall has arrived. Voss Bottle, Water Bottle, Farm Life, Farming, Rain, Rain Fall, Waterfall, Rain Photography

Rain. And more rain. Fall has arrived.

We have had so much rain recently the pond is very full. The current week we have not had any rain but beautiful fall like weather. The mornings and evenings are cooler but the days are enjoyable. The farmer is on his way back from a hunting trip and upon returning will take a gander…

Fall Harvest Central Kansas!  Farm Family beginning fall harvest! Farm Family, Couple Weeks, Fall Harvest, Farm Life, Farming, Kansas, Outdoor, Outdoors, Autumn Harvest

Fall Harvest 2018 Starts!

The combine header has been changed a couple times and been running in the past couple weeks! A two fields of corn were harvested and one field of grain sorghum or what we like to call milo! I love the color of milo, it's so pretty but it also very itchy! First let's chat…

1-2-3 Smile When I Grow Up, Three Kids, Family Traditions, My Father, Farm Life, Farming, Growing Up, Smile, Traditional

1-2-3 Smile – Family Traditions

When I grew up there wasn't much money. My father worked in a few different areas some were the oil fields, farming, and cattle feed lots. My mother worked outside the home as well. It was the 1970's. There were three kids ahead of me, I was the youngest. As I go through old…

newsletter 2018 Being A Landlord, Farm Life, Farming, Words, Blog, Blogging

Farm Newsletters

We normally try to send out at least one newsletter per year to all of our landlords. I enjoy making them up and from the feedback we have received they like them too! This year I wanted to share in a few posts what we included with our blog readers. Today you will read the…

Soybean planting 2018 & Spring Update Farm Life, Planting, Farming, Plants

Soybean planting 2018 & Spring Update

Soybean planting was completed all in four (long) days this year! Milton planted 328 acres total. We are hoping it will be a good crop come this fall when we harvest it! This week he has been hauling wheat that we had stored in the on farm bins. It's time to get them ready for…

15 Years of Marriage (Uniquely Ours) 15 Years, Farming, Marriage, Couple Photos, Celebrities, Life, Women, Casamento, Couple Shots

15 Years of Marriage (Uniquely Ours)

Last month we celebrated 15 years of marriage. I have always felt there are certain anniversaries that hold higher regard than others. I guess I'd call them milestones! Maybe I think 15 was monumental because we met and married later in life. :) The 15 years flew by because we got through two teen girls…