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English Lessons on ELLLO

ELLLO is a free ESL/EFL resource of over 2,000 listening activities all with transcripts, multimedia, vocabulary support, and a quiz. Students and teachers can use material online or download material for offline use.

English Lessons on ELLLO

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1364 Sports in New York

1364 Sports in New York

Here is a lesson on superlatives with a printable worksheet.

1354 Soup for Supper In this ESL lesson, Sarah talks about making soup and how she does it. This activity comes with a quiz, text, and vocabulary support. Students can go online to listen to the audio at

Mega Cities! ESL video lesson with script, quiz, vocabulary (with gap fill) and speaking challenge. Viewable on mobile and PC and free downloadable MP3 and PDF. Easy print and use lesson. Good for High beginners and up.

Lesson #1361 Mega Cities

In this ESL video, Felipe talks about Ecuador, a region rich in culture with people with different traditions. Students can test the listening ability by taking a test, doing the speaking challenge and completing the vocabulary quiz. You can even download the audio.

Lesson #1357 More Ecuador

Free ESL site with over 2500 lessons, most with video, audio, quizzes and vocabulary activities at

Wanna have a kid? Jeremy talks about how life changes once you become a papa. Teachers can use the worksheet for in-class activities, self-study or homework. Watch the video online via a PC or smartphone.

elllo #1355 Proud Papa

Have you ever travelled with a baby? Jeremy from Canada talks about the stress of flying with a child. This ESL / EFL lesson comes with a video, printable worksheet, vocabulary activities and the SPEAKING CHALLENGE!

elllo #1356 Baby on Board

In this lesson, students can watch a video, read a script and take a quiz. Also, students can download the audio for offline in in-class study. Use the free printable PDF for offline study. This lesson is ideal for classroom use.

elllo #1352 Foreign Flicks

Free ESL listening lesson with video, quiz, printable worksheet and downloadable vocabulary. Students can listen to a video and read a script of three people, Win from Vietnam, Michael from Norway, and Goron from Italy discuss what they think of Hollywood movies. No login required.

elllo #1351 Hollywood Hits

Are you a slave to email? In this ESL lesson, Aimee and Paul talk about checking e-mail. Students can listen the conversation and take a quiz and learn new words. The free printable worksheet is at the bottom of the page.

How much do you love your phone? In this ESL worksheet students can read a conversation, take a quiz, learn new vocabulary and take a vocab quiz. There is also a speaking challenge. The audio is available online

elllo #1342 Dialed In vs Unplugged

Great lesson for business English. This lesson comes with a free two-page printable worksheet, video, downloadable MP3, and a quiz.

elllo #1324 Where to work in Asia

To practice prepositions: show students picture and see how many prepositions they can find.

The Pet Blog: September 2012

Students can listen to audio and video as Dan talks about living costs in Asia. Lots of vocab as well like "make a dent in your wallet, and break your piggy bank"

elllo #1326 Living on the Cheap

Dan talks about working from Bali via the internet. This lesson is good for business or advanced English as it teaches terms like "arbitrage, generate, liquid assets, grind" and more. Try the speaking challenge on the site page!

elllo #1323 Business in Bali

Here is the latest as Ana talks about traveling to Portugal. She gives lots of good tips about places to stay and when to go. Also, we introduce a new section where people can practice speaking. Just click on the 'speaking' tab and play the audio and try to answer the questions. Click the blue buttons to see the questions or possible responses.

elllo #1304 Travel Tips For Portugal

Chris talks about how people take long meals in Belgium. As always students can take a quiz, read the script, watch support videos and download the audio as MP3.

elllo #1293 Belgium Dining

Chris from Belgium talks about what people like to eat in his country and what it is famous for in terms of food. Quiz, transcript, MP3 provided.

elllo #1294 Belgium Cuisine

Chris and Ade talk business and about the Euro and European economies. This lesson is good for business English.

elllo #1284 Evaluating the Euro

What do you think is the best city in Europe? Ade from Spain shares her thoughts in this English lesson.

elllo #1283 European Cities

Carlos talks about the kind of foods he likes to eat. In this ESL conversation, students can listen to the conversation, take a quiz, and learn five new vocabulary words. All audio is downloadable on the page (even the vocab MP3's) and the page prints nicely so students and teachers can use the material offline.

elllo #1280 Home Cooking

Vesna from Croatian talks about cuisine from her country. Students can listen to the audio, take a quiz, and learn new vocabulary. The audio is downloadable and the page prints nicely for offline use.

elllo #1279 Croatian Cuisine

Mark talks about the last movie he saw? I think you have seen this movie too. Everyone has.