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Intensifying people participation in sports with augmented reality is a viable option. Increase the interest or footfall of sports fan to sports events


The short answer: No. Mobile applications have been a hot topic for a long while within the visitor-serving industry. There are mobile applications for all kinds of museums, zoos, aquariums, histor…

Why You Should Adopt Augmented Reality In Musical Instrument Learning?

Augmented reality adds value to the musical instrument learning which aforementioned benefits vividly specify. Whether you are a beginner or skilled in playing musical instruments, the technology strives to optimize learning experience.

How Augmented Reality Technology can re-invent Theaters?

From posters that come alive through mobile apps to smart glasses that transform hallways into scenes, augmented reality can merge the online and offline, revitalizing the theater and giving the consumers what they want.

Discover new realities with world’s first Augmented Reality platform as a service

Discover new realities with world’s first Augmented Reality platform as a service

Using augmented reality billboards are the best bets brands are placing in advertising campaigns. Using augmented reality in marketing surely brings in a trans…

5 Automobile Showrooms that has Reeled In Customers with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a game changer for dealer showrooms and stimulates car-buying process. Top-notch experience delivered with deployment of technology would uplift the visits.