Rebecca Joy Adcock

Rebecca Joy Adcock

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm just a girl with no life but a lot of $WAGG3R.
Rebecca Joy Adcock
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Ultimate pregnant mom costume

Funny pictures about Halloween Costume For Pregnant Women. Oh, and cool pics about Halloween Costume For Pregnant Women. Also, Halloween Costume For Pregnant Women photos.

feather earring

Different Types Of DIY Eaarings DIY earrings must be stylish and unique as every girl always wants to stand out looking beautiful and perfectly dressed. Check out our how-tos for each DIY earring pair and try making some for yourself.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies!

Red velvet cookies with a cheesecake center. Beware of the red velvet cake- it broke my mixer because it is so hard. I made them with and without the cheesecake center, and they were a hit all around. The cheesecake center is a pain, though.