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10 Places to Travel in Your Twenties

10 Places to Travel in Your Twenties.. maybe if i have money in my later 20s

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story telling, watching stars, listen to the trees and wild animals, breathing in cool air, sleeping in lush forest. ah. Yay!! Cant wait !! Sept Im out!! Fcuk you jersey lol all youve brought me is disappointment. Love getting away from it all. :)))

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Visit one of these awesome State Parks this summer! (Whether it's just you or the whole family you should look at this site. State parks great for weekender, they can be just down the road from you & they are open on weekends :) )

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An entry from Maja

April has brought us a wonderful Earth Month filled with reminders of how we can cherish the planet on which we reside. With red-breasted robins emerging and flowers finally starting to bloom, April seems like the perfect month to celebrate the earth...

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