Spartina 449 Veranda Scarf tied into a Southern Cross - I used to tie my scarves thus way but I forgot how! Love it!

Love this scarf idea! {Fashion Stylist} 3 Clever Ideas for Scarf Tying: the Southern Cross

The Weave Scarf Tying Technique. Just did it and like that it's cute and lays flat

10 ways to tie a scarf knot: The Weave The 10 Knots: The Double Loop / The Braided Knot / The Weave / The Sliding Knot / The Double Infinity / The Rope Twist / The Side Knot / The Bow / The Braid / The Double Twist

Scarf tying! I need serious help learning how to tie scarfs!

I wear a scarf almost every day. My favorite scarves are from Brightly Twisted, and they were kind enough to provide drawings for how to tie a long scarf.