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Capturing the light, Uzbekistan Wall Beautiful colours in this photograph: how the blue contrasts boldly with the orange. The way the dying light has different tones over the textures of the wall is really special.

시간이 천천히 흐르는 곳, 메콩

시간이 천천히 흐르는 곳, 메콩

꽝시 Liechtenstein -- The cutest little country (:

Mountaintop Republic of San Marino, which is completely surrounded by Italy. I visited this place twice in 1990 when I lived in Ravenna. It has amazing views.

Dubrovnik - Croacia (von

Cannot wait for my summer holidays - Dubrovnik, Croatia----i pinned this because it has a spot the difference look to it,in the left corner it changes its orange roofs to brown and it also has palm trees.