How to trim your dogs nails... Good tip is to start playing with your pets feet at a young age so they get accustomed to you touching their feet and nails. With black nails, trim little bits until you start to see the black "bullseye" in the center of the nail.

Tips for trimming dog nails. FYI- If you cut the quick on accident you can use styptic powder to stop bleeding or use either a dry bar of soap, baby powder, baking soda, or flour. {Pet tips}{Puppy} {Pet Health Advice} {Nail Injury}

Dachshunds. Cocktails. Stationery. Love. #dachshunds #stationery

Teenie Weenie Martini - Happy Birthday Dachshund Greeting Card by She's SO Creative. Inside reads: Enjoy a classy drink with a little chaser.

Doxie bracelet...I want this!!! Been thinking of doing this as a tattoo around my ankle :)

Dachshund Cuff Bracelet This unique bracelet wraps a dachie completely around your wrist; adjustable for comfort, it's the perfect gift f.

Doxies are incredibly good at relaxing.

Doxies are incredibly good at relaxing.

Doxies are incredibly good at relaxing. 21 Reasons Why Dachshunds Are Gifts To…

Brown dachshund doxie reaches for a star / by watercolorqueen, $12.99

Brown dachshund (doxie) reaches for a star / Lynch signed folk art print

LARGE SIZE Brown dachshund (doxie) reaching for the stars / Lynch signed folk art print weiner wiener dog on Etsy, Sold ---- Love Your Dachshund? Visit our website now!

(link) DIY RV Camper Dog House ~ "have dog house, will travel" Why leave your pet (Cat, Dog... Bunny?) at home, let 'em travel / road trip / camp along with you in their very own little vintage / 50s 60s 70s / shabby chic / glamorous camper ~ GLAMPER Dog House! HINT: A relatively EASY build (DIY project) with just a little creativity, materials & paint! Think of all the recycle / reuse / upcycle materials that could be used, too.  ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit @djohnisee ~ have…

Mini Dog Caravan Kennel Cutest Ideas

Dogs welcome, people tolerated. this is so me. haha SO TRUE!

Dachshund Body Pillow  Plow and Hearth

Fun, fuzzy and almost four feet long! Curl up with a cuddly critter pillow and relax in snuggly comfort. Our friendly fawn body pillow is crafted with super-…

Radiance Of The Amethyst Figurine

Radiance Of The Amethyst Figurine

Blake Jensen Purple Crystalline Dachshund Figurine: Hamilton Collection by The Hamilton Collection