Journeys second grade

Journeys second grade

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Reading genre posters, labels, student activities, matching game, surveys, genre hunt, quiz and more!

Reading Genre Posters, Labels, Student Activities and Game Bundle

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: First Week Plans!

Step into 2nd Grade with Mrs. Lemons: First Week Plans!

Reading Intervention Program for Fountas and Pinell Levels H-K! This resource includes daily intervention lessons for a month! It includes 20 fluency passages, targeted comprehension, word work, and vocabulary for each day. It also includes progress monitoring line graphs, bar graphs, and so much more!! ($)

Reading Intervention Program for Big Kids: Set One Levels H-K

Figurative Language - This video is probably my favorite. The person who put it together is a teacher, and his sense of humor is obvious with the use of calmer music, etc. My students laughed so hard throughout the entire thing...and I teach 9th/10th grade, so that's saying a lot!

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Building a Responsive Classroom in Second Grade

Building a Responsive Classroom in Second Grade

I Hate Reading: what this means and how parents can help. Great tips for engaging kids in reading.

I Hate Reading | Parents |

FREEBIE Reading Fluency Progress Trackers-- Improve fluency and get students involved in self-monitoring their reading. Give students a one-minute timed cold read. Have them chart the words read per minute. Then, practice re-reading. Finally, time them again for their one-minute hot read, and chart that number. A Peach for the Teach

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These is a really cute idea. I love that it is a craft and a literacy activity.

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Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Point of View with Pictures! This is an amazing way to teach literacy skills! Love this idea

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Point of View

Great post about tone and mood in literature

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Using text-based evidence to answer questions in a passage

Across the Hall in 2nd: Bundled Comprehension: Win It!!

Teaching My Friends!: Prefixes! Roots! Suffixes! Oh My!

Teaching My Friends!: Prefixes! Roots! Suffixes! Oh My!

Two of EverythingJourneys Unit 6 Lesson 29Second GradeSupplement MaterialsCommon Core alignedPg. 3-4 Vocabulary in Context copy pages A and B back to back fold on the solid lines and cut on the dotted lines - write a sentence and draw a picture for each vocabulary wordPg. 5 Two Spelling Words!

Two of Everything Journeys Unit 6 Lesson 29 2nd Gr. Supplement Materials

Two of Everything

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A Common Core Writing Assignment

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Two of Everything by Lily Toy Hong, Lily Toy Tong

Two of Everything: Lily Toy Hong, Lily Toy Tong: 9780807581575: Books

Two of Everything


Journey Basal, Grade Language, Journey H M, Comprehension Test, Comprehen Test, Journey 2Nd, Grade Journey, Reading 2Nd, 2Nd Grade

Two of Everything Comprehension Test and Vocabulary Page

Two of everything

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writing activity for OPINION .... read (or watch the video - link in this blog) Duck or Rabbit? Kids choose which one and then provide 3 supporting facts for their opinion.

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fact and opinion foldable

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Teaching In The Fast Lane: Shark Week Blog Hop and Freebie....My Shark Week freebie is a quick and easy interactive notebook activity for students to use when they are distinguishing between fact and opinion. The activity includes statements about sharks for students to sort into fact or opinion pockets that are glued into their notebook. It would also make a great station or small group activity...

Teaching In The Fast Lane: Shark Week Blog Hop and Freebie

Fact or Opinnion Card Sort from The Curriculum Cormer

Fact or Opinion Sorting Cards & Other Activities

Fact and Opinon Penguin. Part of 20 Literacy Centers and Activities pack.

Down Under Teacher

Free Activities for Fact and Opinion!!

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Using Pictures to Teach Key Reading Skills: fact and opinion, cause and effect, main idea, and so on

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Fact and Opinion with Pictures Use dif. pics. kids work in groups, write sentences, CCS

Mrs. Patton's Patch: Fact and Opinion with Pictures

Facts and Opinions. Enseñar a distinguir entre hechos y opiniones es una buena manera de comprender lo que leemos y entender el mundo que nos rodea de una forma más crítica.

Eclectic Educating: Fact and Opinion

Great FREEBIE lesson using popcorn to teach fact and opinion. Includes some math as well

Peterson's Pad: Popcorn!

Corkboard Connections: Easy Differentiation with Colored Folders - Terrific guest post by Kelly Witt with three easy ways to differentiate instruction (scheduled via

Bright Ideas for the Classroom

The Adjective Song, sung to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider

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This product contains a close reading text on Dr. Seuss' biography,a cut and paste activity, two writing prompts ,and a rhyming activity.The students will read the text,answer text-related questions, and highlight the evidence in the text.They will also sort and cut and paste statements about Dr.

Dr. Seuss

Read with speed! Fluency passages for emerging readers.

Read with Speed! Fluency Passages for Beginning Readers (CVC and BLENDS)

This website has some vocabulary ideas and I am interested in getting this book

Hello Literacy: Marzano's Six Steps for Vocabulary Instruction

Read about tips to teach Author's Purpose. This one is Three Purposes for One Topic.

Upper Elementary Snapshots

FREE - love this!!! Would use in late first and right on up through middle grades.

Think Mark Anchor Chart

Teaching oo sound.... students would only remember if I made them these c"oo"l glasses!!!

the teacher wife: phonics: double OO

These worksheets work great as punctuation practice for elementary students. On the top of the page they have to read the paragraph and place the correct punctuation marks in the blanks. Then they determine which of three given sentences is written correctly and shows the correct punctuation.

Punctuation Practice

Response to Literature - Leveled responses to get students to go further with their thoughts and use evidence from the text to back them up.

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READING STRATEGIES: POST READING TASK CARDS, QR CODE CARDS, AND NOTEBOOK FOLDABLES from TeachToTell on - (82 pages) - This bundle of 20 Task Card, QR Code Cards, and 52 pages of notebook foldables with color photographs of assembly instructions is sure to equip your students with key reading skills.


Great mentor texts to use to teach theme.

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Whole Brain Teaching Air Punctuation. This is really a neat way to get the student to think about the different things they need in their sentences. Wonderful for kinesthetic learners!

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Print out short stories and have child highlight diphthongs, blends, etc. you are working on.

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Vocabulary game: Run to the board

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I love this comprehension foldable. Under each flap is a few quick notes about the skill. Blog writer used as review before state testing but could insert into notebook and add to it as we learn/use. Makes a great tool to refer back on as we spiral skills throughout the year.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Fiction Comprehension

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Reading Center Starter Kit! Strategies and skills posters. Some posters have more than one worksheet option.

A Cupcake for the Teacher: Reading Center Starter Kit!!!!!

Using Pictures to teach Key Reading Skills. Main Idea, Inferences, Story Elements, Cause/Effect, Fact & Opinion.

Teaching With a Mountain View: Tell Me a Story Tuesday

Character, Setting, Problem, Solution Anchor Chart

Mrs. Braun's 2nd Grade Class: Last week of September

Teaching Fourth: Summary Poster/100 Followers!

Teaching Fourth: Summarizing Anchor Chart