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The growing camping/planning dilemma

The growing camping/planning dilemma

Waterfront sites and waterbird sightings

As the end of 2017 approached, we took a little time away from chilly Chapel Hill and headed south to the Florida Keys, a favorite destination for kayaking and bicycling .

From springs LiquidSpring, part 3:  Road test

From springs LiquidSpring, part Road test

From springs to LiquidSpring, part 2:  The transformation

Tomorrow morning, I’m flying back to the LiquidSpring factory and will pick up Rocky, our Tiffin motorhome, now sporting an entirely new rear suspension system .

From springs to LiquidSpring, part 1:  Why, and why not?

There are now miles on Rocky, our 2017 Tiffin Allegro Open Road but it feels more like 5000 + 5000 .

Smooth biking and hiking around Aspen

We’ve just returned from a late summer trip to Colorado, our third straight year driving a motorhome there from North Carolina .

The 25-35-45 motorhome decision

The more prospective RV owners I meet, the more I appreciate the enormous diversity in their lives and their mobile lifestyle goals .

Recharging my batteries at the Outer Banks

Having moved to North Carolina nearly nine years ago, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that we have not yet traveled to the Outer Banks, the string of barrier islands off the eastern coast .

The inevitable A/B comparison, part 2:  Camping review

The inevitable A/B comparison, part 2: Camping review

The inevitable A/B comparison, part 1:  Driving review

We’ve only had time for a few weekend trips in our new Class A motorhome, but the memories of Class B traveling are still fresh .

?Vanscapes? becomes ?Open Roadscapes?

It’s a difficult habit to break – we still keep referring to our new RV as “the van” – but we are now taming a much different beast than our last RV, The Silver Box .

Moving on:  The sale of our Free Spirit

It all started with us thinking that we would simply trade in our 2015 Free Spirit SS when we were ready to purchase a new motorhome .

The Allegro shakedown cruise

It’s supposed to drop to in Chapel Hill tonight, and our new motorhome is not winterized .

A big start to the New Year

Three weeks earlier than expected, our new motorhome arrived, a last-minute surprise in a year full of surprises .

The A list

In about a month, we will be moving all of our camping equipment and supplies into our new Class A motorhome, which is still under construction .

Vanscape Video #4:  The road to Arches

Vanscape Video The road to Arches