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Briana Pereira

"Have courage and believe in yourself; you do have a choice." fun, creative, imaginative, quiet, can pick up on things quick, loves to dance
Briana Pereira
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So true. Everyone deserves to feel safe.

The idea that women cannot be abusive and controlling is again, part of patriarchy. Male victims should not be ignored. Feminists care about this. You use "men are abused and raped too" as an excuse BUT, OH, LOOK HOW YOU HANDLED THAT.

Spring Market - Rustic Serif Font from

Spring Market - Rustic Serif Font from

(SPOILER ALERT) But this is too cute not to share! <3

this was on the journal 3 i read it and i know why his name is Mason cuz his voice actor names is Jason so if u know what i am try to say Mason Jason M from Mable and ason from Jason


Reaction - Dipper and Mabel Vs. The Future. I want to do that and hug dipper and tell them how much I love the show

Awww :3 How sweet!  #GravityFalls #McGucket

Fiddleford is such a pure soul and must be protected << he is precious and everyone should love him<<<sweet cinnamon roll. Too pure,too pure

Now that we know his past, we can understand how hurt he was  in that episode #GravityFalls #Stan #boat

Stanley Pines- Gravity Falls Just take my heart and rip it out of my chest why don't you

True. So true.

Can I expand and say that that doesn't mean that for the sake of "political correctness" and inclusion we have to stop celebrating Christian holidays? It isn't some sort of trade off - or it doesn't have to be.

Loved this movie as a kid!

I loved this movie. This is honestly the point where I went from absolutely hating him as an actor to loving him<<I loved this movie my one complaint was the cgi for the lizards but I'm really picky when it comes to that so