Back to School Supplies

Back to School Supplies

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erasable markers via how about orange

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    ooo we wanna go back to school! You have so #gotdiscoveredd @Asia Monét @katherine Hellige discoveredd dot com

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    HIlivre store

    SmallKitchenCollege Hi there! I would like to contribute to this board! May I have an invite?

Such a cute idea!

  • Ma Lily
    Ma Lily

    Where do you find colored rice?

  • Andie Smith
    Andie Smith

    Micheals sells little crystals that work well too!

  • Mark Powell
    Mark Powell

    Cool this is why Pinterest is neat

  • Delicia Ellis
    Delicia Ellis

    Hi, awesome pin

  • Holly Tate
    Holly Tate

    the plastic beads are toxic if swollowed by a child and they are a planet killer so kudos for the right choice! I use mung beans.

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Hipster backpack!

  • Claire Mossong
    Claire Mossong

    @Paul Mossong you might like this

  • Jules Stamp
    Jules Stamp


  • Amber Wetzel Coyle
    Amber Wetzel Coyle

    Where can this bag be found?!

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    Kaela Glenn

    Hi @SmallKitchenCollege could I be added to this community board? My url is

  • Karen Clayton
    Karen Clayton

    I had one of these once. I got mine in Italy and loved that backpack. Sure do miss it.

desk top organizer

Well, it is college. pink flasks.

  • HIlivre store
    HIlivre store

    Hi There! I sell design-oriented paper products and stationery, and I would like to contribute to your board called "back to school supplies"! Hope to hear from you soon!


Post it

pencil pencil case

  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris

    So, basically, we're screwed!

  • Jerry Chang
    Jerry Chang

    SmallKitchenCollege Great board and nice pencil case! I'd love to help pin other cool back to school stuff to your board if I can help out!

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    zhao linying

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Pier 1, egg paper clip holder

Eco Highlighter Yellow: Dry highlighter pencil with natural wood finish and jumbo hexagonal shape. No ink solvents or organic fumes, biodegradable, will not bleed through. This may change the landscape of painting all the pages yellow during panic driven all nighters. Made in Austria. $2 #Highlighter_Pencil #Eco_Highlighter_Yellow

  • Alyssa Vakulchik
    Alyssa Vakulchik


Colored Pencils.

  • Vera Bradley
    Vera Bradley

    what will you create?

  • Kim Kimball
    Kim Kimball

    Look at the colors they make you feel good.

  • Linda Welker
    Linda Welker

    Is this a shared board? May I be invited? Thanks. @linda welker

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    MOOD ColorSecrets

    Group pinboard invite ples. Thank you so much

Cupcake note cards!

  • Marti Jean
    Marti Jean

    I ahve one special person in mind that will love these

Sushi Post it!

  • Sara Shapiro
    Sara Shapiro

    Alex Honsberger, its your 2 favorite things, sushi and organizing.

  • ▼ Cranberry Deer
    ▼ Cranberry Deer

    It'll be sad when there's only rice left

Painted fruit calendar

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    SEO Company

    A must follow board, Loved it!!

Clip board makeshift Bulletin Board

  • Mandy Stevenson
    Mandy Stevenson

    One for each family member or day of the week!

  • Nique Grigsby
    Nique Grigsby

    That is a fantastic idea. Thanks for the tip.

  • Tiari Cayetano
    Tiari Cayetano

    Love this!

  • Karen Clayton
    Karen Clayton

    Would like that for my writing station, so I can see the images as I write.

flask #whiskey #flask for the students of age ;)

Tea can magnets!

  • Anto Nella
    Anto Nella

    uh! le caramelle Leone di Torino!

Pantone magnets for your desk or fridge

pencil case with ruled design

To capture all those great college moments

A great idea for college buddies!

  • Patricia A. Henderson
    Patricia A. Henderson


Blue backpack

For on the go lunch between classes

  • Evelyn Hurtado
    Evelyn Hurtado

    love this..I think the company that makes it is out of Santa Fe,

Cute lunch boxes!

  • Kelly Pennington
    Kelly Pennington

    I have this. awesome.

Vintage wooden File crates