Perfect homemade lemonade with balanced sweetness and acidity.

The ultimate bacon cheeseburger with beef cooked in bacon fat, a bacon fat mayonnaise, onions caramelized in bacon fat, buns toasted in bacon fat, and a crisp bacon weave topping.

These black bean burgers have a complex, satisfying flavor and robustly meaty texture that even devout carnivores will love (seriously, try them with bacon on top).

The Pimento-Jalapeno one...yum! 23 Burgers and Steaks for Your Memorial Day Grill

Once you have your cooked, tender octopus, you need to let it rest and come to room temperature, and you can even refrigerate it for up to 24 hours before grilling as well.

Cooked in parchment, the contents of the pouch are gently steamed, and the aroma and flavors given off by each ingredient permeate lightly through each other.

Be careful not to overcook the shrimp or they'll be rubbery. That said, you do want the bacon to achieve a light char and crispness. Achieve this by keeping shrimp just off of direct heat. Keep the grill heat moderate, and don't walk away when cooking, because bacon fat may cause flames to ignite.

Serve the scallops on a bed of greens, but it would go just as easily on top of cooked pasta for a heartier meal. The key is to use the extra pesto to dress the salad or pasta, as well as the balsamic syrup that's drizzled on the scallops.

I've been breaking out of my seafood-averse shell and trying out different ways of cooking fish on the grill. Direct grilling and planking have both turned out well, but this latest venture of stuffing a fish and wrapping it up was truly outstanding.

Tipsy shrimp, grilled, and doused with a sauce that is a cross between Thai sweet chili sauce and the most typical Thai spicy seafood sauce—all done in 30 minutes.

A perfectly grilled piece of seafood can be a glorious thing—light and fresh, relishing in its delicious simplicity.

It's a great way to enjoy fish, particularly for seafood eaters in training.

Grilling lobster leaves you with a wonderfully tender and sweet meat, while a brushing of lemon-shallot butter adds a nice brightness and richness that accentuates the crustacean's natural flavor.

Jalapeño adds a fruitiness and slight heat to a tangy garlic marinade that well seasons the shrimp, but doesn't overpower their natural flavor.

Grilling is one of the tastiest ways to cook a whole fish, and it's easy once you know a few tricks.

The oozing richness of mozzarella cheese makes a great foil for fresh basil, salty prosciutto, and tender shrimp.

A Cajun rub on these catfish fillets blackens over high heat and becomes an intense combination of spicy, earthy, and herbal notes that balances with the flavor of the fish.

Because of their small size, sardines make for a quick and easy to prepare finger food option. When quickly crisped over an open flame, they are great when paired with a glass of Rioja or a cold beer.

Grilled squid: quick and hot is the only way to do it.

Slicing, stuffing, and wrapping the shrimp can be a little time consuming, but the effort is well rewarded as these grill up delicious. They have a nice crisp, salty bacon coating that holds a heat from a jalapeno that's put into check by some creamy Monterey Jack, all delivered in one might tasty crustacean.

Sure, Memorial Day may be a burgers and 'dogs kinda holiday, but that doesn't mean that seafood can't make a splash.

How can you go wrong with pork wrapped in fatty pork? You can't, which makes this porchetta such a great holiday treat.

A chipotle and orange reduction creates a potent sauce that adds a sweet, smoky, and spicy note to juicy grilled pork loin.

Cubed pork chops marinated in garlicky and tangy orange sauce are paired with sweet mango in these mojo pork kebabs.

Greek loukaniko with orange and leeks is a brightly flavored sausage that's perfect for summer grilling.