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Sorry not today. I don't have permission.

Nothing To Wear Shirt-Unisex White T-Shirt

A realistic version of Soldier Boy.

Soldier Sad I hopped out of bed, then remembered I'm depressed and got back in bed. I'm soldier sad.

I seriously can't even today.

Printed on Skreened T-Shirt

Thanks but no thanks. Especially on number 5.

THanks but, no thanks There are many things that I don't need a white woman's opinion on. Printed on Skreened T-Shirt

No gaps over here.

Gaps are no fun I love not having space between my legs. Thigh gaps are overrated. Printed on Skreened T-Shirt

My hands stay cold. Thanks God for thick thighs.

Warmth I mean, its been a brutal winter. Thick thighs are the new gloves. Printed on Skreened T-Shirt

My middle name is dangerous.

Dangerous in Patriarchy An inspirational quote for the lesbian community. Printed on Skreened T-Shirt

They call me a problem kid. The problem is I just don't care what they call me.

Problem Kid They always called me a problem kid just because they didn't understand me. Wear this if you can relate to being the problem kid. Printed on Skreened T-Shirt

Homies for life.

Lonely homie I'm a loner because I'm my own homie. Printed on Skreened T-Shirt

I'm pro P.O.C all day,everyday.

Pro Melanin I'm pro melanin for all P.