Butterfinger Dessert - WW 4 pts I used a boxed angel food cake mix and made my own..... takes longer but tastes better! ENJOY!

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Butterfinger dessert. OMG, Evan's mom makes this (but uses vanilla instead of butterscotch) and it is my absolute FAVORITE dessert ever!

A Weight Watcher MUST! We've made this several times, and eat it for dessert every night following! I increased the butterfingers by an extra half (and had my hubby eat the other half to be out of my sight!), and it was the same point value. I also drizzled a little caramel on top. Also be aware that her photo is incredibly deceiving... my pie comes out like .5-1 inch tall, so it's not as fluffy looking, but the pie is amazing! (Weight Watchers Butterfinger Pie)

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