Building a sand based patio may seem like a daunting task, but with our easy step by step guide, we guarantee you'll have this project done in a weekend! With just a few home improvement store materials, you can section off the area, build the frame, level the gravel and sand and lay down the pavers for a beautiful DIY patio!

Change your perspective and make a vertical container garden! We have plenty of DIY ideas to hang pots, plants and herbs so you can fit a full container garden in even the smallest of spaces!

See how you can make your home look expensive on a budget with these easy tips and tricks. Make your home look elegant and have charm with these simple step-by-step instructions. You'll be amazed how fabulous your home can look on a dime.

These DIY edible gifts are perfect for a housewarming party, to welcome a new neighbor, to give to a new graduate or gift someone special on Father's Day. Check out these ideas including a DIY ice cream sundae kit, diy cookie dough, and diy bbq sauce.

These DIY yard games are cheap and easy entertainment for all your kids! Make yard yahtzee, a DIY twister mat or DIY giant yard dominoes.

Learn how to create a gallery wall with various pieces of art. Use large and small photographs, frames, vintage finds, and DIY canvases to create a unique gallery wall that will bring your blank wall to life!

Make this DIY raised bed in just a weekend to save yard space and easily care for your vegetable or flower garden! You only need a few planks of wood and some nails to create this easy DIY yard project. Then, plant your desired plants or veggies and watch them grow while you easily care for them in the raised bed.

When you’re on a budget, turn to furniture you already have or pieces you can find at a thrift store to decorate your home. These before and after photos prove all it takes is a few genius DIY ideas to turn dated desks, dressers, and chairs into show-stopping home decor.

If you love to craft, these easy paper projects are for you. Decorate your home with handmade decor that you can DIY to add personalization to your favorite rooms. We also love that these transfer paper projects are inspired by nature.

If you’re looking for easy ways to spruce up your home during the weekend, you’ll love these easy DIY ideas that can be done on a budget. These inexpensive projects don’t look cheap, though -- they will make your home even more beautiful and organized.

Check out this small house makeover that was done on a budget. You’ll get a ton of DIY ideas for your own home thanks to these unbelievable before and after photos. Learn how to make the most of a small floor plan without spending too much money.

Revamp your kitchen or bathroom storage spaces with these cheap and easy DIY cabinet ideas. Here are three things you can do to give your cabinets a stylish makeover on a budget.

Make a DIY bookcase to add a unique touch to any room in your home. Repurpose used items and add a little bit of paint and cheap DIY to turn it into a brand new bookcase with plenty of drawers and storage to declutter any room.

Here’s everything you need to know about making your front yard and landscape look amazing from the road. These genius DIY ideas can be done on a budget, and they really will add a ton of curb appeal to your home.

Grab an old or new wooden crate from a flea market or a cheap dollar store and DIY it into a new piece of furniture or decor for your home! We give you a guide to turning a wooden crate into a coffee table, an entryway bench with plenty of storage for shoes or a wine station for your kitchen or dining room.

Restoring an old desk or dresser can be cheap, especially compared to buying new furniture. These amazing before and after photos of our favorite DIY furniture projects will inspire you to enhance your home's decor with refurbished pieces

Paint is a fabulous pick-me-up for old furniture or cabinets. In just a few steps, you can have a like-new piece in a color that fits right in with your decor. For a flawless finish with staying power, the key is the painting prep.

Get excited to remodel any old piece of furniture in your home with these inspiring furniture makeovers. Give your old furniture a new and improved look with your own style and personality that's budget-friendly.

These shower hacks will make your life so much better! Follow these tips to easily clean your shower, store more items in your shower and learn how to better take care of your hair. These shower tips are amazing and will be life changing.

Be the best hostess ever when you gift your guests with these adorable DIY party favors. This darling roundup includes succulents, coasters, cocktail kits, and more!

Get inspired to create your own personal storage area for any room in your home with these crafty ideas. These storage containers are unique, budget-friendly and functional. Revamp some old furniture or hit the flea market for these fun finds that can look stunning in your home with a little creativity!

You can do so many fun DIY projects with thrift store glassware! See all the fun ways you can paint glassware to give it a new look for a party or for around your home. Entertain a great party or update your home with these budget-friendly ideas.

Organize pots and pans, cookbooks, dishes, pantry items and more with our kitchen storage ideas that won't break your budget. Our easy DIY storage solutions include shelving, hanging baskets, using risers, clear containers, taking advantage of tension rods and more.

These cheap and easy home ideas can be done in just a few hours on the weekend, and they're actually fun DIY projects to do! We'll show you how to take what you already have and make it look amazing.

Get inspired to update your home with budget-friendly flea market finds. Check out all the fabulous ways this home is decorated with style from flea market decorations. Give your home a new and improved look for summer on a budget with these ideas.