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Gardening Trends

Jazz up your outdoor space with the latest gardening trends.

Gardening Trends

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Pin now for some of our best suggestions for terrarium plants:

  • Shawna Wilde
    Shawna Wilde

    It is impossible to view this because Better Homes and Gardens keeps putting ads directly over all the information. Very annoying.

  • CathyMik

    I agree. I have an old computer and it has been many months since I've even bothered to check out as it freezes my computer every single time. I miss it, though, as I always found great ideas on their website.

  • Shawna Wilde
    Shawna Wilde

    I would have more interest if they didn't beat me over the head with ads. I already subscribe to their magazine.

Learn how to create your own flower arrangements! More flower arranging inspiration:

DIY Supermarket Centerpieces

Add air plants to your home! Here's how to grow them:

How to Grow Air Plants

Use our handy guide to help you identify and control weeds in your garden:

Weed Identification Guide
  • Gabriela Serratos
    Gabriela Serratos

    Amanda Trump look!! now when u garden u know what to pull and not to pull!

You can grow Japanese Maples anywhere! Learn how here:

Grow Japanese Maples Anywhere
  • Arielle K
    Arielle K

    But should you?

  • Vicki Pellegrini
    Vicki Pellegrini

    Yes you should!

  • Maria Hinkson
    Maria Hinkson

    If you can afford one - very expensive in the Northeast!

  • Sandy Delaney
    Sandy Delaney

    Have one in my front yard. Fortunately, it came w/the house.

  • Jenny

    My dad had these in front of our house in WA. So beautiful! I'm in Colorado now. With the drought, i wouldn't dare.

It's easy to make a beautiful terrarium! Click for our step-by-step instructions:

Terrariums: A Guide to Plants and Care
  • Amber Melody ✌
    Amber Melody ✌

    Mimi Gimi that looks fun to make!!!

Make a terrarium! Learn how here:

Terrariums: A Guide to Plants and Care

Trend Spotting with BHG: A new disease is threatening impatiens in the US. Learn what impatiens alternatives our Garden Editor suggests for shade:

  • Marcia Schlotzhauer Clapp
    Marcia Schlotzhauer Clapp

    So sad Impatients are my shady favorite.

Trend Spotting with BHG! Learn why growing vegetables from seeds is so popular these days:

Add height to your garden with a wall trellis! Find out how to make one here:

How to Build a Trellis
  • Sprout it
    Sprout it

    Great use of vertical space!

Vary textures in a garden by incorporating rocks and other natural elements. More tips for garden design:

Tips for Designing the Perfect Garden
  • Dreamscape: Yard Product
    Dreamscape: Yard Product

    Also by using PRO aluminum landscape edging from you can have a clean crisp professional looking separation between your garden and your lawn.

Curvy paths add a whimsical feeling to a garden. More ways to beautify your yard:

21 Easy Ideas to Beautify Your Yard
  • Alvina Aguiar
    Alvina Aguiar

    It it is a calm place

Help color pop in your garden by planting matching blooms in large groups. More ways to add color to your garden:

Master the Art of Using Color in the Garden
  • Esbe Grabie
    Esbe Grabie

    that's what i'm doing at the moment, hope it works, the garden is very small.

  • Terry Irwin
    Terry Irwin

    Thanks to mums and asters I can have color into November.

Add interest to a garden by mixing tall blooms with mounding plants. More annual plant pairings:

Top Annual Plant Pairings
  • Carol Bordelon
    Carol Bordelon

    is it to late to plant spring bults i fould to bag on porch

  • Esther Brukh
    Esther Brukh

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm asom

Stick with different shades of one hue for a gorgeous garden. More annual plant pairings:

Top Annual Plant Pairings

These small tomatoes are packed with flavor. See 9 more must-grow plants:

Vegetable Gardening: 10 Must-Grow Plants
  • Andrea JY
    Andrea JY

    Big Fan!

Soft hues create a romantic look in this beautiful hanging basket. See more flower inspiration:

Create Stunning Hanging Baskets

These drought-resistent succulents are ideal for the forgetful gardener. See more ideas for hanging baskets:

Create Stunning Hanging Baskets

Mix stunning foliage with colorful blooms for a pretty container gardens. See the top annual plant pairings:

Top Annual Plant Pairings
  • Sharon Grace
    Sharon Grace

    WOW! Great annual combinations!

Starting a new garden? Our guide to gardening basics is here to help:

Gardening Basics
  • Robyn Labbe
    Robyn Labbe

    On Bailey

  • Riverbend Home®
    Riverbend Home®

    Great tips, thanks for sharing.

A galvanized wine rack makes for an inexpensive container for fresh herbs. See the rest of this relaxing deck:

One Deck, Three Ways

This outdoor gardening center is filled with savvy storage ideas. See what they all are here:

One Deck, Three Ways
  • Cheryl Lawson
    Cheryl Lawson

    Just what I'm looking for--my favorite & useful tools & a gathering of what makes gardening happen!

Mix up the stones used in a garden path for a relaxed look. More ideas for garden walkways:

Garden Path Ideas: Brick Walkways

Use odd spaces to make your own miniature potting shed! See more ideas for garden sheds:

Potting Sheds and Greenhouses
  • Liz

    Love this!!

  • Rachel Lewter
    Rachel Lewter

    So many great DIY ideas, just on the picture.. ;)

Making your own compost is easier than it seems! Find out how here:

How to Make Compost