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Quick and Easy DIY Container Herb Gardens

Your Garden Tips

Container Herb

Easy Diy


Herb Gardens



Make your own DIY herb garden using unique containers that can be found inside your home. Get tutorials for making a container herb garden from a wine box, galvanized buckets or trash cans, or from a strawberry pot. Learn what herb grow best inside each DIY herb container so you can have fresh mint, oregano and basil all year long.

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How to Grow Green Onions for Salads and More

Grow Green Onions

Growing Green

Vegetables Growing

Vegetables Garden

Called Scallions

Recipes Follow

Mild Green

Vibrant Flavor

Adding Flavor

Growing green onions is great for those who like adding flavor to their salads and other recipes. Follow these tips to learn the best ways to grow green onions in your vegetable garden.

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How to Repel Mosquitoes When They Bug You

Mosquito Plants

Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

Debbie Bryson

Repellents Plants

Animal Repellants

Insect Repellent Plants

Critter Ridder

Gardening Trends

How To Garden

Protect your skin with these tips on how to repel mosquitos in your yard. We’re sharing the best insect repellents, plants that repel mosquitos, and the best insect repellent for babies.

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Best Blue Flowers for Your Garden

Hydrangea Endless

Hydrangea Blooms

Hydrangea Macrophylla

Turn Clear

Clear Sky

Gorgeous Summer

Beautiful Easy

Produce Flowers

Flowers Add

Shades of cool blue look lovely in any garden. Not sure which plants to grow? Try growing some of our favorite blue-hued blooms! We recommend blue hydrangea, grape hyacinth, clematis, bellflower, salvia, morning glory, and more.

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Cast in Stone: DIY Landscape Accent

Spheres Garden

Garden Landscape

Landscape Accent

Landscape Design

Modern Garden Design

Concrete Landscape

Concrete Design

Concrete Garden Art

Concrete Ideas

Add extra style to your garden with these cool landscaping accents! Create DIY concrete decorations, using our easy-to-follow instructions. Spheres, edging, leaves, containers, and birdbaths – whatever you want to add to your yard, try making it with concrete. You’ll have beautiful outdoor décor, thanks to the versatile material of concrete.

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Easy to Grow Perennials

25 Perennial

Perennial Flowers

Perennials Coneflower

Coneflower Butterflies

Coneflower Flowers

Perennial Bloomers


Rich Flowers

Single Flowers

Take the stress out of selecting perennials to plant – we’re sharing the top perennial flowers that are easy to grow. Whether you’ve got a green thumb or two left feet, you should be able to have gorgeous blooms year after year. Try growing coneflower, hosta, peony, bearded iris, or one of our other favorites.

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Make a Living Succulent Picture

Frame Succulent

Succulent Picture

Succulent Shadow Box

Succulent Mosaic

Succulent Wreath

Garden Outdoor Ideas

Diy Outdoor

Garden Diy

Pearl Outdoor

What’s better than succulents or artwork? Living succulents that will flourish in a perfectly arranged picture frame! This amazing DIY project leaves you with lovely plants to easily display in your home or outdoors. Plus, with simple step-by-step instructions, this project is easily achievable.

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Aztec Pink

Gardens Tells

Pink Magic

Magic 1

Pink Daddy

Daddy 1

Plant Helichrysum

Helichrysum Petiolare

Wave Blue

Container gardening is great, but it can be intimidating trying to figure out where to begin when it comes to pairing plants. Don’t worry though, we have great ideas for the perfect plant combinations. Keep things simple with a single shade, or find out how to effectively combine different flowers and their bright blooms effectively. Try succulents, fancy foliage, and ornamental grasses in containers as well, for even more charming fun!

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No-Fuss Garden Plans

Gardening Plans

Flowers Gardening Landscaping

Corner Fence Landscaping

Landscaping Perennials Front Yards

Gardening Tough

Mailbox Landscape Ideas

Northeast Landscaping

Mailbox Landscaping Ideas

Garden Size

Easier gardening? Yes, please! These easy garden plans will help you keep your cool this summer. Check out our plans for a drought-resistant garden, a heat-resistant garden, a no-fail annual garden, and so much more! You’ll love how beautiful these plants look, and how simple these gardens are to care for!

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How to Grow Water Lilies

Grow Water

Kf Water

Plant Water

Water Size

Small Water

Grow Beautiful

Beautiful Flowers

Enchanting Flowers

Beautiful Gardens

If you love looking at the famous water lily paintings by Monet, consider growing your own water lilies! Surprisingly hardy, these delicate looking flowers are actually dependable and a great choice for those new to gardening. Learn how to plant water lilies, find out where to buy them, and discover how to winterize these gorgeous plants.

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How to Water Succulents

Succulent Succulents

Houseplants Flowers

How To Take Care Of Succulents Plants

Containers Indoor

Balcony Container Gardening

Gardening Joys

Landscaping Gardening

Gardening Outdoors

Plants Gardening Stuff

What’s the best way to water your succulents? Whether your succulents are indoors, in outdoor containers, or in the ground, find out how often and the best practices for ensuring that your plants are well cared for. Between soaking and having the right soil, find out all you need to know!

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Vinegar as Weed Killer

20 Vinegar

Weeds Vinegar

Killer Vinegar

Vinegar Weed Killers

White Vinegar

Vinegar Based

Natural Vinegar

Household Vinegar

Bhg Gardening

Add this to the impressive list of things that vinegar can do: vinegar works to kill weeds, too! Find out what kind of vinegar to use (hint: your household vinegar may not be strong enough). Then, find out how to apply the vinegar for optimal effectiveness. You’ll want to avoid days where there is rain or wind. Be sure to follow safety precautions, too!

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Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Ideas

Drought Tolerant Plants

Tolerant Gardens

Drought Resistent Landscaping

Tolerant Doesn'T

Taupe Siding

Red Paint Colors



Xeriscape Landscaping

If you live in an area that has dry soil or doesn't receive a lot of rain, these drought tolerant landscaping ideas will help you have a beautiful yard without requiring a long of water! Our tips for landscaping include where to plant flower beds so they receive runoff water and what plants to choose that can withstand tough conditions.

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Waterfalls Ponds Fountains

Backyard Waterfalls

Landscaping Projects

Gardening Landscaping

Gardening Trends

Outdoor Projects

Trends Garden

Landscaping Challenge

Projects Landscape

Get ideas to spruce up your backyard space and turn it into a relaxing area to entertain or just kick back. We have projects to add flower beds and container gardens, add in water features, install a walkway or decorate your patio.

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Rock Design

Rock Garden Design

Display Rock

Display Stone

Columbine Design

Garden River

Rock River

Small Rock

Small Stones

Get inspired to incorporate a rock garden into your spring garden plans. We have plenty of ideas for large and small rock gardens that flawlessly mix and match colorful flowers and shrubs with a variety of rock walls and slopes.

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Growing Guide for Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

Paniculata Vanilla

Paniculata Sundae

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

Strawberry Red

Vanilla Hydrangeas

Strawberry Beautiful

Strawberry Garden

Strawberries Garden

Hydrangeas 3

This might be our favorite hydrangea variety. Learn all about the vanilla strawberry hydrangea. Learn how to plant, prune, water and transplant it for beautiful blossoms.

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Turning Green

Leaves Turning

Greenterior Plants

Indoor Plants

Houseplants Turn

Gardener Tested

Kristina'S Interests

Tahim 1

Softened Water

If you have houseplants with leaves turning brown on the tips, find out how to fix the problem! Generally, the reason is that your plants aren't getting enough water, but it could also be a lack of humidity that is causing this problem. Additionally, it could be that there is excess salt from too much fertilizer or softened water. If the latter is the case, use distilled water instead to keep the leaves nice and green.

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Stunning Shade Garden Design Ideas

Stunning Shade

20 Stunning

Fabulous Shade

Gorgeous Hosta

Design Stunning

Pretty Shade


Shade Plants

Hosta Shade

Design a gorgeous shade garden for your backyard to create a garden oasis. Get inspiration for water features, walkways, flower beds and other additions to make a truly unique shade garden.

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Cutting Garden Ideas

Arbustos Shrubs

Flowers Protea

Gem Leucadendron


Red Gem

Detailed Growing

Cutting Flowers

Plant Encyclopedia

Find out everything you would ever want to know about shrubs. Learn about different shrub varieties, how to grow them, how to prune shrubs and how to transplant shrubs.

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Small Garden Ideas

Gardening Design

Gardening Fairy Garden

Gardening Space

Garden Info

Gardening Projects

Outdoors Gardening

Tiny Garden

Tiny Oasis

Pond Oasis

Don't let a small space limit the level of style in your garden! A tiny garden can still be beautiful and successfully designed. Try our landscaping tips and tricks to transform your little gardening space. We recommend adding a freestanding wooden pergola, putting in gravel for low maintenance paving, taking advantage of trees, adding a pond, and more!

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Drained Soil

Well Drained

Easy Groundcovers

Perennials Easy

Fast Growing Flowers Perennials

Fast Growing Ground Cover Perennials

Fast Growing Shade Plants

Shade Ground Cover Plants Perennials

Flowering Ground Cover Shade

Whether you're looking for shade groundcovers for sun groundcovers, these are the easiest groundcovers to grow. These plants will help you hide major landscaping problems too.

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24 of the Easiest Houseplants You Can Grow

Vine House Plants

Sunroom Plants

Ivy Plants

Inside Plants

Plants Garden

Ivy Plant Indoor

Indoor Trellis

Light Houseplants

Easiest Houseplants

Every garden needs a few roses! See our top picks for the easiest roses to grow. Even beginning gardeners can watch these thrive. Choose from a variety of roses the have colorful blooms including red, white, pink and coral.

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How to Get More Hydrangea Flowers

White Hydrangeas Garden

Hydrangea Flowers

Smooth Hydrangea

Gardening Hydrangeas

White Flowers

Spring Flowers

Types Of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas In Front Of House

Caring For Hydrangeas Tips

If you love hydrangeas, find out how to grow more beautiful blooms! Hydrangeas love water, but be careful about applying fertilizer (be sure it’s not too much, and that it is applied at the right time). To successfully grow hydrangea flowers, though, you need to know about your specific variety, so read our tips and tricks for caring for each type of hydrangea. Before long, your garden will be filled with lots of lovely hydrangea flowers.

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What Should I Plant Together?

Gardening Affair

Gardening Basics

Gardening Survival

Gardening Touch

Gardens Gardening

Landscaping Gardening

Gardening Outdoors

Spring Landscaping Ideas

Whimsical Landscaping

It can be difficult to determine which plants will pair well together. Thankfully, we have helpful hints to solve that problem. Try mixing herbs or shrubs with your flowers, or even vegetables with your florals! Roses and hydrangeas each pair well with many flowers. Consider the shape and color of blooms and foliage. Lastly, when in doubt, stay simple and classic in your pairings.

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What to Plant in the Fall

Flowers Blue

Fresh Flowers

Gorgeous Flowers

Flowers And Plants

Flowers Gardens

Gardening Secret

Planting Gardening

Flower Gardening

Gardening Trends

Find out what you should be planting during the fall season! Spring bulbs, pansies, cool-season vegetables, turfgrass, trees, shrubs, and perennials should be planted during these cooler months. Spring is great for planting, but fall has its own benefits – learn what to plant during fall, and why you should take advantage of putting plants in the ground during this season.

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