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Gardening Trends

Jazz up your outdoor space with the latest gardening trends.

Gardening Trends

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Pin now for some of our best suggestions for terrarium plants:

  • Shawna Wilde
    Shawna Wilde

    I would have more interest if they didn't beat me over the head with ads. I already subscribe to their magazine.

  • CathyMik

    I agree. I have an old computer and it has been many months since I've even bothered to check out as it freezes my computer every single time. I miss it, though, as I always found great ideas on their website.

  • Shawna Wilde
    Shawna Wilde

    It is impossible to view this because Better Homes and Gardens keeps putting ads directly over all the information. Very annoying.

Learn how to create your own flower arrangements! More flower arranging inspiration:

DIY Supermarket Centerpieces

Add air plants to your home! Here's how to grow them:

How to Grow Air Plants

Use our handy guide to help you identify and control weeds in your garden:

Weed Identification Guide
  • Gabriela Serratos
    Gabriela Serratos

    Amanda Trump look!! now when u garden u know what to pull and not to pull!

You can grow Japanese Maples anywhere! Learn how here:

Grow Japanese Maples Anywhere
  • Jenny

    My dad had these in front of our house in WA. So beautiful! I'm in Colorado now. With the drought, i wouldn't dare.

  • Sandy Delaney
    Sandy Delaney

    Have one in my front yard. Fortunately, it came w/the house.

  • Maria Hinkson
    Maria Hinkson

    If you can afford one - very expensive in the Northeast!

  • Vicki Pellegrini
    Vicki Pellegrini

    Yes you should!

  • Arielle K
    Arielle K

    But should you?

It's easy to make a beautiful terrarium! Click for our step-by-step instructions:

Terrariums: A Guide to Plants and Care
  • Amber Melody ✌
    Amber Melody ✌

    Mimi Gimi that looks fun to make!!!

Make a terrarium! Learn how here:

Terrariums: A Guide to Plants and Care

Trend Spotting with BHG: A new disease is threatening impatiens in the US. Learn what impatiens alternatives our Garden Editor suggests for shade:

  • Marcia Schlotzhauer Clapp
    Marcia Schlotzhauer Clapp

    So sad Impatients are my shady favorite.

Trend Spotting with BHG! Learn why growing vegetables from seeds is so popular these days:

Add height to your garden with a wall trellis! Find out how to make one here:

How to Build a Trellis
  • Sprout it
    Sprout it

    Great use of vertical space!

Vary textures in a garden by incorporating rocks and other natural elements. More tips for garden design:

Tips for Designing the Perfect Garden
  • Dreamscape: Yard Product
    Dreamscape: Yard Product

    Also by using PRO aluminum landscape edging from you can have a clean crisp professional looking separation between your garden and your lawn.

Curvy paths add a whimsical feeling to a garden. More ways to beautify your yard:

21 Easy Ideas to Beautify Your Yard
  • Alvina Aguiar
    Alvina Aguiar

    It it is a calm place

Help color pop in your garden by planting matching blooms in large groups. More ways to add color to your garden:

Master the Art of Using Color in the Garden
  • Terry Irwin
    Terry Irwin

    Thanks to mums and asters I can have color into November.

  • Esbe Grabie
    Esbe Grabie

    that's what i'm doing at the moment, hope it works, the garden is very small.

Add interest to a garden by mixing tall blooms with mounding plants. More annual plant pairings:

Top Annual Plant Pairings
  • Esther Brukh
    Esther Brukh

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm asom

  • Carol Bordelon
    Carol Bordelon

    is it to late to plant spring bults i fould to bag on porch

Stick with different shades of one hue for a gorgeous garden. More annual plant pairings:

Top Annual Plant Pairings

These small tomatoes are packed with flavor. See 9 more must-grow plants:

Vegetable Gardening: 10 Must-Grow Plants
  • Andrea Carrozziere
    Andrea Carrozziere

    Big Fan!

Soft hues create a romantic look in this beautiful hanging basket. See more flower inspiration:

Create Stunning Hanging Baskets

These drought-resistent succulents are ideal for the forgetful gardener. See more ideas for hanging baskets:

Create Stunning Hanging Baskets

Mix stunning foliage with colorful blooms for a pretty container gardens. See the top annual plant pairings:

Top Annual Plant Pairings
  • Sharon Grace
    Sharon Grace

    WOW! Great annual combinations!

Starting a new garden? Our guide to gardening basics is here to help:

Gardening Basics
  • Riverbend Home®
    Riverbend Home®

    Great tips, thanks for sharing.

  • Robyn Labbe
    Robyn Labbe

    On Bailey

A galvanized wine rack makes for an inexpensive container for fresh herbs. See the rest of this relaxing deck:

One Deck, Three Ways

This outdoor gardening center is filled with savvy storage ideas. See what they all are here:

One Deck, Three Ways
  • Cheryl Lawson
    Cheryl Lawson

    Just what I'm looking for--my favorite & useful tools & a gathering of what makes gardening happen!

Mix up the stones used in a garden path for a relaxed look. More ideas for garden walkways:

Garden Path Ideas: Brick Walkways

Use odd spaces to make your own miniature potting shed! See more ideas for garden sheds:

Potting Sheds and Greenhouses
  • Rachel Lewter
    Rachel Lewter

    So many great DIY ideas, just on the picture.. ;)

  • Liz

    Love this!!

Making your own compost is easier than it seems! Find out how here:

How to Make Compost