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    Healthy Baking Swaps

    Try substituting these popular ingredients for healthier ones!

    Healthy Baking Swaps

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    When your recipe calls for whole milk, use fat-free (skim) or low-fat milk. Best used for: beverages, sauces & baked goods

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions
    • L'Briska Robertson
      L'Briska Robertson

      The lower the fat, the more chemical processes it had to be put through in order to make it that way. We try to stay away from cow's milk all-together. Even in organic milk, you are most assuredly getting milk from a pregnant cow and we don't need those extra hormones either.

    • Annette Dombrowski
      Annette Dombrowski

      I currently use this alternative.

    • Erica Toyama
      Erica Toyama

      Organic whole fat milk is the healthiest by far

    • Laura Anderton
      Laura Anderton

      Wanna know what is in your milk? Own a cow!

    • Floor

      you might as well use water.

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    When your recipe calls for sour cream, use nonfat plain yogurt instead.

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions
    • Rhonda Thoman
      Rhonda Thoman

      Soon, I will have a chiobani plant very near my house.

    • Nettie Rose
      Nettie Rose

      Also try Almond Breeze with only 40 calories a cup. I have switched from n/f milk to Almond Breeze.

    • Rhonda Thoman
      Rhonda Thoman

      What is almond breeze? like a soy milk or something/

    • Melanie | Gather for Bread
      Melanie | Gather for Bread

      I love to do this. I especially enjoy using Greek yogurt in place of sour cream in things like dips.

    • Kelly A
      Kelly A

      Almond Breeze is almond milk. It's my fave!

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    Baby prunes are a healthy alternative when a brownie or dark quick bread recipe calls for butter.

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions
    • Diana Ruiz
      Diana Ruiz

      How does it taste ???

    • Bird's Party
      Bird's Party

      Is is baby food prunes, or baby prunes?

    • Kristin Fugate
      Kristin Fugate

      Baby FOOD prunes and the taste of prunes is undetectable.

    • Patricia's Patticakes
      Patricia's Patticakes

      This is a wonderful idea! Can't wait to try it :)

    • marianne deleonardis
      marianne deleonardis

      Or you can use Apple sauce

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    When your recipe calls for heavy cream, use evaporated skim milk. The Leading Do Mess Tica Ted Site on the Net
    • Alexis Cousino
      Alexis Cousino

      I'm going to try this one

    • Karen Noble
      Karen Noble

      Can't wait to try it!

    • Ruth Spohr
      Ruth Spohr

      I have done this for sometime and found it to be a very good alternative plus I always keep it in the cupboard.

    • Visiting Nurse Service of New York
      Visiting Nurse Service of New York

      We did this for our healthy spinach quiche recipe

    Use applesauce and buttermilk when your recipe calls for vegetable oil, butter or margarine.

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions
    • Karen Noble
      Karen Noble

      Great suggestions!

    • Bird's Party
      Bird's Party

      apple sauce + buttermilk?

    • Jennifer Niles-Burch
      Jennifer Niles-Burch

      Use the same amount of the fat you are replacing. If the recipe calls for 1/2 c. butter, use 1/2C. applesauce. Works in cookies too! They will be moister, somewhat cake like, but still good!

    • Angela Purvee
      Angela Purvee

      bread making

    • Jasmine Pleitéz
      Jasmine Pleitéz

      Simple solution!

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    When your recipe calls for seasoning salt, use salt-free dried herb blends, fresh herbs, garlic or fresh peppers.

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions

    Use mini chocolate chips, not chocolate chunks.

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions
    • Kathy Boles
      Kathy Boles

      I switched and use about 1/2 as much--they disperse in batter much easier due to their size--my girls have never noticed!

    • Jennifer Niles-Burch
      Jennifer Niles-Burch

      Or try carob chips:)

    When your frosting recipe calls for butter, try marshmallow cream instead.

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions
    • Stephanie Graham-Strohmenger
      Stephanie Graham-Strohmenger

      have you looked at the ingredients for Fluff, no way am I eating that. I will stick with the butter

    • Tara Hutto
      Tara Hutto

      Rather have the whole butter vs. that processed fluff in a jar any day! Same with the whole milk. Unprocessed vs. processed...unprocessed is better!

    • Carol Blake
      Carol Blake


    • Jo Ann Wright
      Jo Ann Wright

      I'll just eat the marshmallow cream by itself and skip the cake entirely!

    • Karen Noble
      Karen Noble

      Just might work!

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    When your recipe calls for sour cream, use low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese.

    Easy Healthy Recipe Substitutions
    • Webber Naturals
      Webber Naturals

      Or instead of mayo, use greek yogurt.

    • >> A m a n d a  B a r r i e <<
      >> A m a n d a B a r r i e <<

      Nah, gimme the fatty stuff!

    • Annette Dombrowski
      Annette Dombrowski

      What is the principal behind the cottage cheeze?

    • Rogina Mathes AKA Crazy in the Kitchen
      Rogina Mathes AKA Crazy in the Kitchen

      probably higher protein in the cottage cheese. Also cottage cheese contains casein which can help whittle stomach fat over time.