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Enjoy these pretty BHG covers from yesterday and today!

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Past and Present Covers

Past and Present Covers

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What a pretty cover! More vintage covers here:

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Build a better home with this fun vintage cover:

Vintage Covers Desktop Wallpapers

Celebrate summer with these past BHG covers! More here:

Vintage Covers Desktop Wallpapers
  • Wenda Switzer
    Wenda Switzer

    Just got my august mag in the mail, disgusted to see an ad for Monsanto!! Won't be renewing, that company is toxic...there is a reason Haitians burned the donates seeds after the earthquake....

You can download these gorgeous vintage covers here:

Vintage Covers Desktop Wallpapers

Our June issue is all about entertaining!

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    The cover photo is beautiful - love the twine wrapped bottles

  • Cotton & Birch Co.
    Cotton & Birch Co.

    can't wait to get mine :)

  • Gabrielle Luthy
    Gabrielle Luthy

    could you pleeeeeease offer subscriptions to Australia! Love your mag but it's impossibl to find since Borders closed shop here. :)

  • Arna Cook
    Arna Cook

    Gabrielle, Australia has their own version of BHG, magazine and tv show, and you can most definitely subscribe or just pick up from newsagent etc -the content isn't the same as the US version, but is relevent to climate etc. that's their facebook page.

  • Gabrielle Luthy
    Gabrielle Luthy

    Thanks for the info :) I buy the Australian BHG but I prefer the US version, suits my decorating/food style better. I'm just going to have to get a friend to forward. Happy Sunday!

Our May issue hits newsstands today! Get the recipe for the Pink Lemonade Cake on the cover here:

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  • Monique Womack
    Monique Womack

    I can't wait for my issue to come in the mail !

  • CAP


  • Debbie Simko
    Debbie Simko

    Been a subscriber since 1979 and to this day I still look forward to this magazine coming in. How awesome

  • Susan Drummond
    Susan Drummond

    Leslie Kauitzsch--that's my birthday, too! Early Happy Birthday to you! I'll be spending mine in the hospital with my hubby who's having total hip replacement surgery. :) Debbie Simko--I've been a subscriber since 1979...a gift from my mom when my middle son was born! She was also a longtime subscriber. I give several gift subscriptions every Christmas. LOVE this magazine!! And the website is awesome!

  • Sissy Morrison
    Sissy Morrison

    I have always loved BHG. now i get it on my ipad and it is amazing. and i can get their special interest issues through zinio o the ipad

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Vintage BHG Covers: March1947

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  • Ronda Ward
    Ronda Ward

    I agree with Faye....would be cool to have your birth month/year to frame

  • Barbara Gillen
    Barbara Gillen

    Love, love!

  • Right Now Redesign LLC
    Right Now Redesign LLC

    Would love to be able to buy these covers for framing!

  • Barbara Gillen
    Barbara Gillen

    A very neat idea!

  • Boca do Lobo
    Boca do Lobo

    So nostalgic! :)

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Vintage BHG Cover: March 1942

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  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson

    My girls in the 70s didn't have those 3 year old granddaughter does though,. She loves playing at the sink.

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson

    No offense taken. Actually, she is playing.

  • Kimberly Kibler
    Kimberly Kibler

    My first son would drag the chair to the sink and say, 'Mommy, I do-da-dish?'

  • Sarah Anderson
    Sarah Anderson

    Wonder why they love to do dishes until they are really old enough to help? (LOL)

  • A Kiss: A Film Noir Drama
    A Kiss: A Film Noir Drama

    I had to do dishes at about that age and used to stand on a chair like so. Oh and was definitely born in the 70s. Let me go kiss my dishwashing machine now. :)

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Vintage BHG Cover: January 1948

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Vintage BHG Cover: June 1933

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  • Linda Bass
    Linda Bass

    I like the use of art on the covers. It would be nice to see that again. Most magazine covers look alike these days.

Vintage BHG Cover: July 1973

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  • Anne Middendorf-Million
    Anne Middendorf-Million

    OH RATS! I remember this cover and it's VINTAGE!!

  • Tamara Herd
    Tamara Herd

    I was just thinking the same thing, YIKES!!

  • Amy Main
    Amy Main

    I too remember this one - oh my!!

  • Lynn Staker
    Lynn Staker

    Shoot, I may still have it! lol

  • FTD Flowers
    FTD Flowers

    that is so cute i do not no what you are talking about when you say shoot! p.s. im only nine years old

Vintage BHG Cover: December 1941

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  • Aimee G.
    Aimee G.

    I love these older covers. So simple and clean.

  • Marium Abugasea Heidt
    Marium Abugasea Heidt

    These are amazing! You should have a year where every cover is a reprint of one of these vintage covers every month. So this coming December you could reprint this cover. It would be great! Very sharp!

Our April issue is all about gardening! What will be blooming in your garden this year?

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  • Leda Rosales
    Leda Rosales

    Congratulations Laura. Excellent job!!!!

  • Laura Abramson
    Laura Abramson

    Thanks, guy! The garden is going to be beautiful, too. I moved so many things around these last few years, and this year, it's all staying should be jam-packed with color and texture. I can't wait! (Bonus: I work out of my home, and my home office overlooks my largest garden bed).

  • Pinky N Da Brain
    Pinky N Da Brain

    can't wait!

  • Diane Kennedy
    Diane Kennedy

    I will be planting anything that will grow in containers on my apartment balcony! :)

  • Cynthia LeBlanc
    Cynthia LeBlanc

    Yikes! Still haven't had time to enjoy March edition. Looking forward to it.

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Our March issue is all about color! If you love these bright botanical prints, the #DIY instructions can be found here:

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  • Estelle

    I got mine in the mail! Love it!

  • Sarah Harrigan
    Sarah Harrigan

    Oooh, can't wait to pick one up!

  • Gina McNeil
    Gina McNeil

    I'm always ecstatic when a new issue shows up on my Nook. ♥ BHG!

A vintage BHG cover from September of 1958.

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  • Almara Shop
    Almara Shop

    sooooooooo cute

Our February issue hits newsstands tomorrow!

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  • Samantha Cummings
    Samantha Cummings

    I want it in my mailbox the day it hits the newsstand if not earlier :(

  • Suzanne Weber
    Suzanne Weber

    @Samantha Cummings - I do, too, but it never happens. I even cancelled my subscription over it once. They said it was the PO's fault...

  • Samantha Cummings
    Samantha Cummings

    i was so impressed. i received my bhg mag just a few days after it was released in stores. i usually have to wait until the very end of the month.

  • Suzanne Weber
    Suzanne Weber

    I got mine on Friday - 5 days after it went on the stands. It's annoying...

  • Shirley Lang
    Shirley Lang

    That's funny,,,I always get mine 2-3 weeks in the month prior to issue my BH&G

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Our January Issue is all about organization!

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  • Northern Cottage
    Northern Cottage

    Oh yum can't wait for mine to arrive!!

  • Liberty Images Jen
    Liberty Images Jen

    Nor I, we just moved into this house and my system has therefore gone wonky!

  • Hilary Frisby
    Hilary Frisby

    loved the tips for paper piles!

An adorable Scottie graced the cover of our December issue.

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  • Stephanie Chin
    Stephanie Chin

    What a cutie! More Scottie!

  • Judith Griffith
    Judith Griffith

    Looks like a schnauzer to me

Our November cover featured the delicious Toasted Coconut Cake with Walnuts and Cranberries.

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    This cover will always be so special to me, because it was the one where I was featured in the "I Did It" story! What a dream-come-true!

October means Halloween fun and festive fall decorations!

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  • Claudia Redman McCabe
    Claudia Redman McCabe

    October 2011. I was in this issue int he "I Did It" column October 2011. I was in I was in this issue in the "I Did It" column.

  • Barbara Gillen
    Barbara Gillen

    I remember this magazine...I had it