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Smart Storage Solutions

We're here to help you get organized! Enjoy our best tips and tricks for cutting clutter and effectively storing household items.

6 Tips for Living in Small Spaces from @Maxwell Ryan. Get the full post on our Style Spotters blog:

Take the strain of storage off the tops of your shelves and utilize the underside:

In this cabinet, frequently used laundry supplies are up front, sending overstock and less-used items to the back:

Introduce order in a voluminous cabinet by arranging gear on a two-tier pullout shelf:

Frame chalkboards, pegboards, and magnet boards to form an all-in-one bulletin board for your walls:

No more dragging out the toaster and coffee maker every morning! Add outlets inside a cabinet and group small appliances together:

  • Kathy Hamlett

    Ruth Anne is right, definitely a non-baker ;D

  • Leah Elzinga

    honestly, I keep my mixer on top of the fridge, and I'm not really all that tall (5'8") It's not used for anything else and it keeps my mixer out of storage and off my counter.

  • Kittie Reese

    wow Leah, you are right 25lbs might not be a big deal for you. I use my mixer everyday so it makes sense to leave it on the counter.

  • Leah Elzinga

    lol, I literally just put it back up like 10 min ago ;) Good for the arms!

  • Megan Weinmeier

    In my old house with a smaller kitchen (and no available counter space) I either kept mine on top of my fridge or on the highest shelf of my pantry. I am a baker and routinely had to move mine around. Yes it was heavy, but I had no where else to let it sit out all the time. So I moved it. Though I use mine a few times a week (at least) it had to be put out of the way. Not everyone uses them all that often, so having them sitting out on the counter isn't always an option. That being said now that I have a much larger kitchen with tons of counter space, I leave mine out all the time. Sometimes I debate on putting it "away" so I don't have to look at it though ;)

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Find a toy organization system that works best for your kids! Click through for our best ideas:

  • Pam Morton

    I would use this for my bathroom. I really think this would make organizing in that or any room look great!

  • Judy Allen

    This is great mom will like it too

Refrigerator wine bins are just the right size for rolls of garbage bags:

Maximize your space under your sink with labeled containers for easy organization:

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Pin now for 12 Months of Storage Projects! We'll help you stay organized all year:

  • Silvana Lima

    Hi! I would love to join your Blogger Recipes We Love board. It would be lovely if you could send me an invite. Thank you

Even if your home doesn't have a formal foyer, you can make one with an end table and gorgeous mirror! It can be the perfect catchall space for your family:

Define a space in your home as the "catch-all" corner. It helps cut down on your family's clutter:

  • Betty Lou

    I guess this means that the dining table, the entry table, the coffee table and all three desks are out?

Nothing beats this beautifully organized home office. More of our favorite looks here:

Put shelves outside of your medicine cabinet for additional (and pretty) storage:

Built in storage can really make all the difference in clutter-control:

Your walls can be your best friend when you start to organize! More small space storage inspiration:

How cool is this custom buffet? If you can't find a piece that works in your space, think outside the box: