Smart Storage Solutions

We're here to help you get organized! Enjoy our best tips and tricks for cutting clutter and effectively storing household items.
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Check out this bedroom that is full of storage and style! By creating zones, repurposing furniture, devising clever closet space, and more, this room becomes neat and orderly. Any girl would love to live in this cute, preppy, and creative space! Even if your bedroom is small, there are plenty of ways to store your things stylishly.

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Find out ways to keep your shower clean and organized, and make showering so much quicker and easier! From simple organization ideas (such as storing bath products in an over-the-door shoe organizer) and clever cleaning solutions (try using grapefruit) to beauty tricks (such as drying hair with a T-shirt), these solutions are so smart! Try out these great ideas the next time you shower.

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Quick and easy organization solutions are the best. We have the secret tips and tricks to ensure your home stays as clean and clutter-free as possible with minimal effort. Whether you implement a family command center, color-code and beautify your organization system, choose the right storage container, take a few minutes each day to declutter, or try one of our other ideas, organizing has never been easier.

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These quick and easy DIY projects are perfect to do on a weekend when you have time to get crafty and creative. You’ll love that many of these cheap ideas will add a ton of beauty to your home, and some will even make your rooms more functional by adding storage.

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Prevent pantry confusion and clutter by creating specific zones. You’ll save time finding food and preparing meals and snacks. Try creating zones such as entertaining, baking supplies, breakfasts, easy weeknight meals, lunches on the go, or any other area that you need. Don’t forget to label your zones, too, so that everyone will know where things go!

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No matter how big your bathroom is, somehow it always seems like there’s a shortage of storage. If you’re trying to find ways to store more in your bathroom, check out our clever and creative solutions, and gather inspiration ideas for your own space. Use baskets placed on open shelves to hold toiletries, try displaying decorative glass containers (which are cute and useful), using trays and dividers, and more!

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Storage and organization wouldn’t be complete without labels letting everyone know exactly where everything needs to go! These super cute labels are free and easy to customize. Label food containers, entryway drop zones, keys, and more with printable luggage tag labels or stickers. Keep things clean and clutter-free with these adorable labels.

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This cute ombre filing cabinet is the perfect piece of furniture to inspire organization! Use our easy step by step directions to see how to paint and sand an old filing cabinet and then choose varying shades of your favorite color to make a statement piece of furniture!

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It shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get your kitchen in tip top organized shape. Use dollar store finds, IKEA furniture and a few DIY ideas to install more storage and shelving and keep everything in its place. Our ideas include using freestanding shelves, hanging baskets to place produce, and installing corkboards on the inside of your cabinet drawers to keep bills and other important memos in their place.

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Declutter and tidy up your kitchen so you can easily find everything with these kitchen storage solutions. See how to tame that junk drawer, organize and store your pots and pans, make your silverware drawer tidy and finally, declutter that plastic container cabinet.

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Not sure where to find cute cottage kitchen gear? Check out our top picks to make cooking more adorable than ever. From colorful crocks to a rustic prep counter, we know what you need to transform your kitchen into the cozy cottage-themed room of your dreams!

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Find unexpected storage options in your small bathroom! Try using a wine rack for rolled towels, choose a mirror that has hidden storage, use adhesive hooks to hang flat irons or curling irons, and repurpose plant holders for easy wall storage. These tips and tricks will keep your tiny bathroom tidy, organized, and stylish!

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When you’re investing in cabinets, you want them to stand the test of time. These cabinet options will fit your style (whether it’s rustic chic, modern and contemporary, or somewhere in between). Light, white cabinets are always a good choice, and smart storage is a must for cabinets. Try customized drawers, glass cabinet doors, and more! Gain inspiration ideas from these cool cabinets.

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Step up your storage game with these cool repurposed storage ideas. You're bound to make one of these your next DIY project! See how to transform dollar store buys, flea market finds and garage sale steals into awesome storage bins and containers to get your house in tip top organized shape.

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Get some help with organizing your closet from our helpful Do this, Not that series! See the best ways to store shoes, hang your clothes, store accessories and scarves and utilize every square inch of space in your large or small closet so you have a tidy and organized closet.

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Do you have trouble closing your closet doors with all the clothes and clutter you’ve shoved in there over the years? Don’t worry, we have the tips and tricks you need to tackle that crazy closet. Decide on what you really need and donate the rest, come up with an organization system and stick to it, label everything, find a place for shoes, and more! Find out our solutions for getting your closet organized.

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There are a ton of ideas for how to organize a closet out there, and we’re sharing our favorite designs and tips of all time. These closet organization systems were built to keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories easy to find in your big or small closet.

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Flea market finds can be repurposed or upcycled to use as smart storage solutions for the home. Thrifting is a great way to find vintage organization items, furniture, and decorating pieces when you’re shopping on a budget.

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Make your bookcase better than ever! These amazing inspiration ideas will make you want to revamp your own bookshelf right away. Line the back of shelves with wallpaper, paint your bookcase a pretty color, create a space for well-organized storage, and more! Plus, check out our ideas for armoires.

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Organization and an efficient use of space is key for making the most out of your pantry. Even if you don’t have a built-in panty, try adding a bookcase to your kitchen. Sliding drawers can make taking inventory of dry goods easier. Also, shop for clear plastic containers that will condense and declutter the food stored in your pantry.

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Time to actually get organized: no more procrastinating or feeling like you don’t know where to begin. Focus on what needs to be done, make a list, create a deadline, break down larger tasks, decide what things you really need to keep and how to store them, make organization a habit, and celebrate your successes! Plus, check out our specific organization strategies for each room in your home (including the bedroom, bathroom, garage, office, and more).

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Declutter your master bedroom by adding some extra storage. These stylish and savvy storage ideas are great for organizing your shoes, clothes, accessories and little trinkets that might be sitting around. Have a cleaner and more organized master bedroom by employing a few of these storage ideas, including under the bed storage and wall shelving.

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If you have a small bedroom, use this guide to plan smart storage solutions that work for your small space or tiny closet. Keep things organized and still looking stylish with these cheap and easy storage ideas for the bedroom.

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If you have a small bedroom, use this guide to plan smart storage solutions that work for your small space or tiny closet. Keep things organized and still looking stylish with these cheap and easy storage ideas for the bedroom.

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We’re sharing the secrets to getting an organized garage in a day. These quick and easy storage ideas are cheap to use in your garage, and they will help you keep track of all your important tools and belongings that are stored there.

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