Bhupendra Dhadhal

Bhupendra Dhadhal

Bhupendra Dhadhal
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Lord Krishna Ji - God Pictures

Lord Krishna Ji - God Pictures

krishna radhe

Shri RadhaKrishna, the Greatest Expression of Love. They are not two separate entities, rather, They are One. Radha Rani is no different than Shri Krishna; She is in fact Shri Krishna Himself.


Krishna, the Christ of India revered as incarnation of the supreme personality of God, who inspired divine love with the beautiful melodies from his flute


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Beautiful and mystical God of all, embodiment of beauty and love, the Lord Sri Krishna.

Krishna Rukmini

Krishna carrying away Rukmini. Rukmini wanted to marry Lord Krishna but her brother Rukmi was forcing her to marry another king Shishupal instead.

Lord Shyamasundara

Krishna Lilas - The Nectarian Pastimes of the Sweet Lord