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YOGA SEQUENCE TO CHAPASANA: Warm up: Sun Salutation A & B 5x each, Google if unsure 1. DOWNWARD DOG I start most of my sequences with it because everything starts from your foundation, I find there is a correlation to down dog with every pose hence its importance - 2. PARSVOTANASA Work on getting both legs straight with hips squared before bringing your belly over the thigh, the back heel up is not traditional but just a nice variation I find - 3. WARRIOR 2 Do this with your back against…

We chose a great video that demonstrates 50 traditional Hatha Yoga poses for beginners and advanced yogis. We also added a shorter video with useful warm-up exercises.

I love the moody palette of this image, which is perhaps unusual for food styling. It caught my eye though, because it was different to all the other bright, colourful images.

Articles serie full of awesome food photography. Get inspired, learn from the bests, feel a visual satisfaction.

moss covered trees

"Beauty in Nature ~ Moss Covered Tree Trunks ~ With A Carpet of Bluebells At Their Feet.


Flight Over Golden Ears Provincial Park (Dylan Furst)