Malec is my new favourite ship, and the Shadowhunter series is AMAZING!

#Shadowhunters 1x04 "Raising Hell" - Clary and Jace

"Raising Hell" - Clary and Jace I'd just be like Magnus when Alec put his shirt on, like if you have to fine, bit I won't deny that I liked what I saw


“ Tonight this could be the greatest night of our lives Let’s make a new start The future is ours to find Stay close to me malec wedding and yes they are both wearing gold for my dear friend этот пост вконтакте ”

I Am Number Four - The Selection - Divergent - The Hunger Games - Harry Potter - Percy Jackson

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2,024 To se mi líbí, 92 komentářů – clace // tina✨ (@ofcclace) na Instagramu: „[Clace training 2.12] This little scene destroyed climon in less than 0,1 seconds. Bye climon,…“

This little scene destroyed climon in less than seconds.