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Simply Easy Meals-This Tartine Bar has Party(!) written all over it. It comes together in about 40 minutes. And is the best way to take a bite outta your dinner rut.


Smørrebrød – an open-faced rye sandwich piled high with toppings – is one of the most essential dishes in the Danish culture, most commonly eaten for lunch instead of a warm dish. Growing up, I alw…

Thick toast topped with Sabra Mango and Lime Veggie Fusion Guacamole.

Thick toast topped with Sabra Mango and Lime Veggie Fusion Guacamole. Add grilled mango slices and red pepper flakes for the ultimate guacamole toast.

Amalie loves Denmark Smørrebrød #menu #newnorm

I love & Smørrebrød

Make a Swedish mustard, honey and dill sauce, quick-pickle some cucumbers, and hard-boil some eggs. Build the picnic around one great hero – rare roast beef, cured salmon gravlax or smoked salmon – then add any extras you love such as smoked eel, canned sardines, dill pickles, salmon caviar, blue cheese, prawns, capers, jarlsberg cheese, watercress – and let your guests assemble their own open sandwiches.

Ideas for Danish open-faced sandwiches known as smorrebrod.

Smørrebrød | Bake to the roots

Delicious open faced sandwiches from Denmark - perfect as a snack or for a light dinner.

Belegte Brote - Stullen-Rezepte vom Feinsten - smorrebrod

Nothing really beats Danish smørrebrød.

Smørrebrød is the most classic and popular dish in Denmark.  The word literally translates to “butter and bread” in English.

Open faced sandwiches or as they are called in Denmark :Smørrebrød

Wer meine „About Me“ – Seite aufmerksam studiert hat (tztztztzt, wie?? noch nich??? Ach… überlesen?), wird den kleinen Bulletpoint „Dänemark-und Italienjunkie“ bereits entdeckt haben. Für alle anderen hier nochmal die Erklärung, wenn ich mir aussuchen dürfte in welchem Land in Europa ich leben wollte, dann bekomme ich den Hals mal wieder nicht voll genug – Also Sommer in Italien und Winter in Dänemark! Logisch oder? Oder nicht? Würdet ihr es andersrum machen? Wir nicht – denn wir lieben…

Wer meine „About Me“ – Seite aufmerksam studiert hat (tztztztzt, wie?


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