Bianca Louise Koop Strebel

Bianca Louise Koop Strebel

Bianca Louise Koop Strebel
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The Anatomy of a Cheese Plate

Want to see what the big fuss is about wine and cheese parties? Then reference this handy guide to making a cheese plate. Recent quote from a friend “Pizza and beer go together like wine.

How-To do a Pull-Through Pony into a Fishtail plait | Modern Salon...x

Pull-Through Pony into Fishtail Braid . I'd do things a little differently but the outcome is nifty. FYI: the model has quite a few extensions!

And this entry in every mom’s:

No mother is perfect, but this definition Is more for those mothers who make things too easy for their kids and won't encourage them to go out to live and learn. Martyr material, and all of the above 'See Also'.

imgfave - amazing and inspiring images

This simple infographic breaks down the essential vitamins we need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. It also displays the benefits of these vitamins and how we can put them in our diet.