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Properly organized fox storage. Please refill left fox at earliest convience. Photo by spartaness on imgur.

Oh my gosh I love foxes. Properly organized fox storage Please refill left fox at earliest convenience.


Fox by Dan Newcomb Photography Would not want to be whatever is going to pop up out of that hole! :D

Playful Red Fox in Winter

"Playful Red Fox in Winter" - Levi Mitchell Photography levimitchellphotos (on Etsy) beautiful creature! [Foxes are related to dogs, but belong to a different branch -- are Vulpine rather than canine.

"The fox spirit is an especially prolific shapeshifter, known variously as…

(fox spirit) in China, the kitsune (fox) in Japan, and the kumiho (nine-tailed fox) in Korea. Although the specifics of the tales vary, these fox spirits can usually shapeshift, often taking the form of beautiful young women who attempt to seduce men.