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The goal of this book club is to encourage other young wives to maintain strong, Christ-centered marriages.
Biblical Wives Book Club
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Spring Study 2017 – Biblical Wives Book Club

Join me for our spring book study of She Believes by Debbie Lindell, beginning on April

It’s Never Too Late

God is calling us to be the exception to this rule. It’s never too late to start (or continue) living life for Christ alone.

The Target

So, if our children are like this weapon, then there must be a target in sight. An arrow’s mission is clear: hit the target.

God's promises in marriage

How do we begin to view our marriage in light of God's promises, which would far outweigh any promise we could ever vow to our spouses?

Strong Mission Strong Marriage

I loved chapter Don’t Waste Your Marriage, because it made me really uncomfortable.

The Importance of a Prayer Request

Next time someone asks you to pray for them – whether it seems big or small – just remember the importance of a prayer request.

humility in marriage

Week 3 – Humility in Marriage You and Me Forever Ch. 3 : Learn to Fight Well This chapter served me one slice of humble pie after another… I often find myself torn between two capacities of my life;

supernatural marriage

Viewing marriage in light of eternity means that we have to live out a supernatural marriage.

Marriage IS Great…Isn’t It-

If you’re like me and you thought this book was going to be all about making your marriage great, let me reassure you that will be a result as well.

Happily Ever After

You’re dedicated to your marriage and – whether it’s good or bad, old or new – you’d like to improve it. You want that legendary happily ever after.

A letter of love to my friends who don't believe.

I know that you readily accept my love for you. You know I love you, but do you know – truly know deep within your soul – that Jesus loves you?