Mini Aquariums

Mini Aquariums

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Freshwater Nutrient Deficiencies

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Must have taken a magnifying glass to build this

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nice hardscape

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La faille by Swee. #aquascaping

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nano aquascaping

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Betta Fish #Aquarium

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0.5 gallon tank with shrimps #fishtank | Photo by #swordw #flickr | CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 creativecommons.o...

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5 Gallon Hex Aquarium with 7 Green Neon Tetras

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My immediate first impression of this tank was thumbs up. I think it had something to do with the super clean look of the open top without lots of cords/black plastic. Not totally sure how big this one is, but it's described as "nano."

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Hard to believe this is a 3 gallon at first glance.

"Broken Bridge" - 3gal picotope journal

4 gallon betta tank. There was just something about the simplicity...

Matt1977 4 Gallons | 15 Liters - Your Tanks

Nice shrimp bowl

First BABIES! "Super Monkey Finger Peanut Butter Green" Bowl.

Marimo Moss Ball mini plant-scapes

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In a Vase. (This does have filtration.)

xenxes's Fluval Spec 2g / Vase 2g - Twin Betta Tanks

A darling little shrimp tank.

stuworrall ADA Mini M - 36x22x26cm - Your Tanks

Cheerful and small (just 2 gallons)

Onenobee 2 Gallon - Your Tanks

Reminds me of a forest meadow.

inspireram 3.5 Gallon - Your Tanks

Looks like a jungle. Can you spot the shrimp?

The Unusual Nano Tank Thread
  • McKenzie Meuleveld
    McKenzie Meuleveld

    Yep! Very front first leaf thing!

  • Allison Sattgast
    Allison Sattgast


Tank within a tank. Sweet!

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Don't know how good of an idea this is, but it's really cute. Red Cherry Shrimp and a stable temperature room probably are just fine.

Need advise on a pico shrimp tank - Page 4

Super tiny ~ 1 gallon Shrimp Tank

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Neat landscaping!

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