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Blaschka jellyfish

reconstruction of a glass model of a jellyfish, imaged using X-rays in a micro-CT scanner by Dan Sykes, Natural History Museum. The artificial colours used here are based on the density of the glass.

Jewel Bugs

Jewel Bugs - Family name: Scutelleridae There are about 450 varieties of this bug (it& not a beetle! They are related to stink bugs and can smell bad, but I think their beautiful coloration more than makes up for that :-): Animals, Beauti

The Infinite Gallery : Masuleh, Iran (streets are built on top of the roofs)

Masuleh, Iran Masuleh is a breathtakingly beautiful village located in the Talesh mountains. The interesting about Masuleh are the streets. The village is so steep, they had to make the streets on top of the flat roofs of the houses below.