Illustration over photography

i like the Illustration over photography. The addition of the slimy, dripping gooey-ness makes the image really come to life

Terminator. Cyberdyne Systems endoskeleton. Possibly model 800 or one of the many sub-models.

Best movie as I see. Called is "Terminator" For Devil robot making more trooper robot and more and more Making World war to All of human fighting against a robot.

Joyce Byers from Stranger Things by Chelsea Lowe - "Maybe I am a mess. Maybe I’m…

Joyce Byers from Stranger Things by Chelsea Lowe - "Maybe I am a mess. But, God help me, I will keep these lights up until the day I die if I think there’s a chance that Will’s still out there!

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Tributo Stranger Things – 17 Posters criativos da série que farão você querer assistir de novo.

Chocolate Dustin from Stranger Things. done in gimp Stranger Things - Dustin

A designer francesa Flore Maquin recria cartazes de filmes famosos com uma visão própria. Ele se concentra em um personagem e usa contrastes, reflexos e cores, além de alterar a tipografia dos títulos. Sua coleção inclui obras como Insterstella...

Artista recria pôsteres de clássicos do cinema

Loving these pop culture-inspired artworks by French graphic designer and illustrator Flore Maquin.