The Louth Festival of the Bees

May 2013 a festival that brings art and science together in support of wildflowers and all their pollinators.
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colorful flower pots are attached to a pole
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Coffee cans tied to a pole~ can do in the garden, of course. Just punch two holes in back of can and run a wire thru to tie to a pole (or fencepost, etc).
a close up of a bee on a flower
Avaaz. Bees around the world are dying off and Europe’s food watchdog said certain pesticides are part of the problem. We’ve got just days before key meetings - let’s get a 3 million person swarm to save the bees
a painting of purple and white flowers on a white background
Chris Hibbins. See more at
a black and white drawing of a bird's head with its wings spread out
Christine Farmer - Bee, part thereof.
some white flowers and green leaves against a blue sky
An Umbellifer
a close up of a bee on a white background with black and yellow lines around it
Maxim Griffin - bringing api-graphics to
this is a drawing of some flowers on a beige background with black and white ink
Janet Mary Robinson, drawings at
a painting of purple flowers on a branch
Mary Findell, wildflower artist at
six different types of bees are displayed on a white board
Cath Hodsman, artist at Louth Festival of the Bees.
two purple flowers on a white background with green stems in the foreground and one pink flower at the far end
Pat Hickson, botanical artist at
the bee friendly zone logo is surrounded by colorful flowers and leaves, with an insect on it's back
a bee sitting on top of a white flower next to a black and yellow stripe
Val Littlewood, artist in residence at The Louth Festival of the Bees