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Ocean Giant, Whale Watching, San Diego, California photo via glitterball. My dream! My life is becoming soooo wonderful!

Beautiful White Whale

The all-white humpback whale named Migaloo was spotted after a two year abscence off the coast of Australia. A fan favorite among whale watchers and scientists, many consider Migaloo to be the only albino humpback whale in the world, which has earned

gorgeous colors, gorgeous creature

While the killer whale carries the name whale it is actually considered a dolphin. In fact it is the largest of the dolphin species and has even been known on rare occasion to attack whales.

Amazing shot

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Bryant Austin's Stunning Whale Photography

Bryant Austin's Stunning Whale Photography (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

HUMPBACK WHALE CALF I - Mozart, pictured above in the waters near Tonga, is the first whale Bryant Austin shot a life-size portrait of.