The best motorcycle films

Motorcycles have always been the ultimate movie props. Here are our favorite short films about those who build them, and those who ride them.
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We need more motorcycle videos like this, and fewer grinder sparks and beards.

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A tongue-in-cheek guide to riding two-up.


The guys from Revival Cycles took a trip to France last summer, and this rollicking good video captures the fun. Taking two custom bikes, they visited the Wheels and Waves festival in Biarritz, then the home of the new Brough Superior, the Yamaha MotoGP Tech 3 team and the Cafe Racer Festival in Paris.

Revival Goes to France - Extended Intro

You know the names, now here are the faces to match. This terrific clip was filmed at Glemseck 101 and features an all-star cast of custom motorcycle builders. It marks the launch of the book The Ride: 2nd Gear. Find out more and get your copy at

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New York riders take note—Jane Motorcycles have moved to a cool new shop, and here's a little video introduction.

Welcome to the new JANE Motorcycles

The Isle of Man TT has claimed the lives of 246 competitors since 1911. It’s the most dangerous sporting event in the world—but year after year, the racers return. We’ve all seen the GoPro footage on YouTube and the heart-stopping crashes. But no one has examined the fatal attraction of the IOM TT: just why do the riders risk their lives? Now Studio Kippenberger has answered that question with a stunning short film, titled simply IOM TT. Download it now for just $4.99.


How to ride a Triumph Scrambler: Here's a new dose of high-octane insanity from ICON 1000 and British Customs.

Salt of the Earth || Icon 1000 x British Customs

Two months ago, we revealed the lovely Analog Motorcycles Ducati 'Super Scrambler' on Bike EXIF. Now here's a short film to match. For the lowdown on the build, read our original coverage at

Analog Motorcycles - Super Scrambler Ducati

This weekend, the Greasy Hands Preachers film is finally, finally released on Vimeo. It's is a celebration of manual work, seen through the lens of motorcycle enthusiasts. Shot on Super 16, it takes you all over the world, with stopovers in France, the USA, Scotland, Spain and Indonesia. And the cast is a roll call of big name builders, from Roland Sands to Shinya Kimura to El Solitario MC and Blitz Motorcycles. Click through for details to download or stream.

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The bar for motorcycle short films has just been raised again. Grab yourself a beverage and enjoy a three-minute glimpse into the life of racer and photographer Dimitri Coste.

Easy Rider

This is how you make a film about motorcycles. The focus is on Peter Boggia, the reclusive genius behind one of New York's best custom bike workshops, Moto Borgatoro. Via @uniongaragenyc.

Moto Borgatoro •

Who Are You? A stunning video portrait of Paris-based Rémi Chapeaublanc, motorcyclist and photographer.

Who are you? - Portrait of a photographer

An intriguing look into the world of David Borras and @elsolitariomc, the controversial custom bike builders.

Who The Fuck is El Solitario

New from @daineseofficial — the vintage-styled 36060 collection of motorcycle gear.

Dainese 36060 Vintage Capsule Collection

Probably the craziest motorcycle-related film we've ever seen, courtesy of See See Motorcycles and Chrome Industries. It's a promo for the new Chrome Motor Series of bags, and if you've never seen a grown man slapping a spinning tire with a dead fish, now's your chance.

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Love this teaser for an upcoming documentary on the cafe racer lifestyle, "Today Is A Good Day". There are some big names involved too, like custom motorcycle builders Roland Sands and Shinya Kimura, plus BMW design chief Ola Stenegard.

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Now this is a man qualified to build a motorcycle. Take a look into the world of Kenny Cummings of NYC Norton.

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Motorcycle Accident Ends in the Craziest Possible Way.

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After weeks of wrenching and filming, our Honda CB550F is ready to hit the street! Enjoy the final episode of the Bike EXIF Saturday Sessions as we go for a blast around NYC.

Motorcycle restoration: the test ride | Bike EXIF

"There is dirt in Tokyo. You just have to look for it." Four minutes of fun from local custom motorcycle builder Speedtractor.

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Rise and shine! In this week's video clip, watch a faded Honda CB550 gas tank being restored to shiny, nickel-plated glory.

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Longtime bike-builder, 72-year-old Tom Fugle is working to complete a chopper for the Born Free motorcycle show. After years of toiling in relative obscurity and near poverty Tom's work is at last getting some recognition. A terrific short film from acclaimed photographer Scott Pommier.

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Gentlemen, start your engines. In this week's episode of the Bike EXIF Saturday Sessions, we finally get to fire up and tune our Honda CB550. Watch the clip at

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There's something fascinating about seeing a motorcycle being reassembled. So we sneaked into the Brooklyn workshop of E3 Motorcycles to watch them putting a beautiful Honda CB back together. Enjoy.

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A raw, atmospheric short profiling @elsolitariomc's controversial Impostor custom BMW R nineT motorcycle.

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