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an old stone building with many round windows
Chartres Cathedral, France
a lighthouse on top of a rocky outcropping next to the ocean under a cloudy sky
Mallorca, España
four kayaks are lined up on the dock
johnstone strait, British Columbia, Canada
the sun shines brightly in front of an old castle on top of a hill
Mont Saint Michel (France)
looking up at the top of a tall building with trees on both sides and sky in the background
San Francisco (infinitely tall sky-scrapers)
a neon sign is lit up in front of a building with a heart on it
Las Vegas
Barcelona Barcelona, Sneakers
a snowboarder jumping off the side of a mountain in front of a blue sky
Whistler, BC, Canada
two people standing in front of a store with neon signs on the side of it
a bicycle parked in front of a building
Split (Croatia)
an open courtyard with steps and arches leading into the building
Chichen Itza
the sun is setting over a city skyline as it reflects in the water on a calm day