Holy Awesome Wedding Ring Batman! Los Angeles artist Takayas Mizuno sells this custom made Batman wedding ring that would be the ultimate for any fans of the Caped Crusader. Just don't let any Joker swingers find you and start asking "Why so serious" about your vows.

This is awesome. Batman wedding ring by Takayas Mizuno. white gold wedding ring with black bats and diamond accents on Custom Made.

I would luuuuuuuv this clock!

Halloween-Crafts ideas-Get a plastic black clock, cut out one side to look like bats came out of it. Cut several black fling Bats out of a sheet of black plastic. Pin to wall per Pic.

Your Mind My Push.

Joker, "Madness is like gravity'all you need is a little push". // hilarious quote haha so true