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Enjoy a classic tale by candlelight! This enchanting design is perfect for shirt sleeves, journal covers, and tote bags. Also available split into multiple pieces.

Back of neck- a cascade of tiny transparent roses dripping red and a "drink me" vial amid them (pro)

I love this!!!!!!! Half sleeve maybe?!??

tattoo design for a friend, i know the gears are a little rough, but they were pretty hard to draw just by hand lol steam punk compass

triple moon tattoo design | Yeah! | Pinterest | Moon Tattoos, Moon ...

triple moon tattoo design- don't have intentions of getting moons but I love this design so much I just had to keep it

My new sternum tattoo! Check out my artists tattoo page on Facebook for a detailed video :)

Might like it a little higher (so it comes closer to the actual bottom of the breast) if possible.