Get ready for serious coat envy and check out these 38 dogs with amazing unique markings. So many gorgeous patterned pups! Bowwow Times

OMG, this little cutie is so cute he looks very fluffy and warm! and Cute PUPPY DOG

Australian Shepard/ corgi mix

Australian Shepard/ corgi mix - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

:) #GermanShepherd

This is totally how my husband treats our two Germans! Thank God for training so they feel like true GSD's!

Chinese Crested

Top 5 Strangest Looking Dog Breeds Chinese crested dog: Breed Chinese crested dog is a hairless dog breed.

Pomeranian Dog

cute pomeranian at the top of the stairs - A Place to Love Dogs

Beautiful Sheltie

Animal Humor: "Oh boy. We're going to the park! V-E-T spells park.

Pomeranian// I need him.

he so cute but mom wont let me have him becuz he small and mom thinks he'll pee everywhere

tiny puppy...

Little Maltese Puppy.yep, Dog-gone it, I want a maltese!

Beautiful Rough Collie dog

He might hate me, but I will always have a collie in my life if I can. That or a yellow lab or a Goldie.