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日本ファルコムは、PS4/PS Vita『イースVIII -Lacrimosa of DANA-』におけるキャラクターやゲームシステム情報を公開しています。

Vita Exclusive Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana’s New Screenshots Show Flashy Moves

もりのほん on Twitter: "お仕事の合間に描きますた。  今までに無いモフモフ感!!かわいい!  |

blue eyes blue hair coat from below fur gamuto gamuto (armor) gauntlets hair between eyes hair tubes hat huge weapon leg warmers looking down monster hunter monster hunter x morino hon short hair smile solo standing on one leg sword weapon wide sleev

As for the given "anime elf" exhibit: that could be Chinese or Korean art, which isn't exactly "anime". Description from I searched for this on

((Wizardry 囚われし亡霊の街)) This is just a really pretty character. Maybe a pseudo-modern high fantasy short? Lizzy: someone draw Noire wearing this *-*