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My Apple Counting Book is a free printable fill-in-the-apples book to help children with number identification and counting skills. Great for preschoolers and kindergarten students to use during an apple unit! || Gift of Curiosity

Lots of hands-on learning ideas for a space unit study focused on astronauts, the planets, the sun, the moon, and the stars. Great for preschoolers to 2nd grade. || Gift of Curiosity

"Can You Find the Shapes in Your Lunch?" - A Free Kids Lunch Box Printable for Kids at B-Inspired Mama - Sponsored by #WishIHadAWetOnes

Apple outlines - free printable red and green apple outlines to use for all your apple arts and crafts #apples #freeprintables || Gift of Curiosity

28 pages of ocean do-a-dot worksheets featuring clams, crabs, fish, jellyfish, octopuses, sea stars, sea turtles, and whales to help kids work on shapes, colors, patterns, letters, and numbers. #DoADot #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

Phases of the moon art and science activity. What a fun idea for teaching preschoolers about the moon! || Gift of Curiosity

Kid-Approved One Pot Pumpkin Mac and Cheese - A Fun Dinner Recipe Idea for Halloween! - B-Inspired Mama

12 Simple Tips for Connecting with Kids After School - Even When You Feel Too Busy - at B-Inspired Mama

Pumpkin Apple Crisp Waffle Recipe Perfect for Fall - Yummy for Breakfast, a Treat, or Dessert! B-Inspired Mama

Montessori 3-Part cards featuring 10 objects from our solar system, including the sun, moon, and all eight planets. With colorful graphics, these are a great resource for helping kids to learn the names of the planets. || Gift of Curiosity

Space-themed gelatin window clings are an awesome art project for kids to do while learning about planets and the solar system! || Gift of Curiosity

A Silly Cereal Snail Recipe to Make Breakfast Fun for the Kids - Fun Idea for Back to School or a Fun Snack, too! AD

Preschoolers can build structures with foam blocks and shaving cream to practice fine motor skills including spreading and stacking. Plus, the shaving cream adds an additional sensory element to this activity that kids love! #finemotor #sensory #handsonlearning || Gift of Curiosity

What Do Kids Learn in Preschool + 24 Activities to Help Them Succeed at B-Inspired Mama - Sponsored by #Childtime #BacktoSchool

What Do Kids Learn in First Grade + 15 Activities to Help Them Succeed - B-Inspired Mama

15 Fun and Clever Lunch Box Ideas - To Make Your Kids Back to School Lunch Special - B-Inspired Mama - AD LovableLunch

3 Simple Tips for Photographing Kids + A Free Photography Mini-Class for Busy Moms - B-Inspired Mama

Ocean Printable Pack with 73 activities for children ages 2-7. Completing the activities in this Ocean Printable Pack will help children work on shapes, colors, sizes, patterning, puzzles, fine motor skills, mazes, math, and literacy. #oceanprintables || Gift of Curiosity

Introduction to living and nonliving: Most children can identify living and nonliving objects with a good deal of accuracy, but many can't explain WHY something is living or nonliving. Check out the hands-on, Montessori-inspired activities we did to explore the concept of living and nonliving. #handsonscience #Montessori || Gift of Curiosity

14 Fun Activities for Kids Who Love Dirt + New fun kids music that encourages outdoor play and a love of nature - from Bobs & LoLo's new DirtyFeet Album - at B-Inspired Mama - AD

2 ocean sensory bins - one using rocks and water and one using blue gelatin || Gift of Curiosity

The Five Senses unit study with lots of activities and links to free printables for teaching kids about the five basic senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing #fivesenses #preschool || Gift of Curiosity

Kids Mud Pie Making Messy Playdate - A Fun Idea for Summer Outdoor Play or Even for a Kids Birthday Party! B-Inspired Mama