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DIY Magic Erasers! Cheap and Easy Way to Get Your Magic Erasers!

DIY Magic Erasers | Homemade Magic Eraser Recipe

Clean your fridge without any harsh chemicals! This simple cleaner is natural and works great :-)

Clean & Deodorize Your Refrigerator Naturally - One Good Thing by Jillee

How to clean your carpets naturally. Never use those toxic chemicals again in your home!

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Get rid of hard water stains with a lemon!

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)

1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide and 1 cup water. Mix in spray bottle, spray area, leave for an hour, then wipe clean

DIY Mold Remover

How to clean an Ice Maker. Never knew you had to clean this!

How to clean an ice maker on a refrigerator with steam

How to keep a toilet clean (much longer) -1/4 Cup of Baking Soda -1/2 Cup of Vinegar -2 Cups of Hot Water

Keep a Toilet Clean Much Longer

Hang a brush with dish soap and vinegar in the shower for easy cleaning!

Shower Cleaning The Easy Way! | Practically Functional

All Natural Laundry Cleaning

Homemade Goo Gone - Sticker and Gunk Remover - It's super easy to make your own and it really does work!

Homemade Goo Gone - Sticker and Gunk Remover - Mom 4 Real

Soap and hot water can unclog a toilet without a plunger. How to found here summyb.blogspot.c... - Bathroom Hacks

17 Invaluable Bathroom Tricks Everyone Should Know

How to make a Laundry Basket Dresser. Description and photos!

{Lovelace Files}: Laundry Basket Dresser

DIY Dishwashing Detergent | 31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again

31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again

Garbage Disposal Refreshers

Homemade Garbage Disposal Refreshers - Made From Pinterest

Life hacks...... with our dresses:)

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Love this shoe!

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Destry Mold WIth Tea Tree Oil

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7/7/14: This works! I tried it today on my coffee table and it looks fabulous! Mix 3/4 cup oil (I used olive oil) and 1/4 cup vinegar (I used white).

Domestic Bliss Squared: DIY: fix scratches in wood furniture

How to wash hats without ruining the shape

How to Wash Hats Without Jeopardizing The Shape

Twice a Year Cleaning Secret For Sparkling Shower Doors; Only clean your shower doors twice a year and have them sparkling clean all year long!? What’s the secret? Well let me tell you… www.annsentitledl...

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How to get oil stains out of clothes even after they have been through the dryer. #laundry

How to Remove Set In Oil Stains from Clothes

These peppermint wipes are a great way to leave the kitchen clean and smelling great!

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Whether you have a pet or a toddler, chances are that you are going to have a urine stain on your mattress. Getting those stains off (and particularly getting the smell out) can be difficult. There is however, a really effective and really inexpensive method for removing urine from mattresses...

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How to clean your hard water stains off your fridge water dispenser tray. So good to know!!! Refrigerator Door Water Tray Gunk Cleaning Trick

Make Your own Deodorizer disks for your fridge just 3 ingredients and so easy to make

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