Please don't follow the comics too closely

I'm ready yet I am not. I really really don't want to lose my favorite character but we probably will 😢

Season 6: I love that they showed Carol second. :D

Season I love that they showed Carol second. :D and I also love how they included Glenn. He can't be dead D:

You know, I get the strangest feeling that CARL will be the one to BALANCE THE SCALES in the end. I can just picture him repeating NEGAN's words back to him....."Lighten up. At least cry a little." OH YES. THERE WILL BE CRYING.

I really like how Carl had guts in this part! He was such a brave man and I recognized Rick in him But who do you think Negan killed ?

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus ~ What can I say? He's a cat lover and that's enough for me!

Love being able to watch the new episode of Walking Dead at 6pm before some others get too. Great episode tonight! They even stated in tonight's episode that Enid went over the wall and is out there somewhere...remember me saying Enid is the one who comes across Glenn and saves him? My statement is looking more and more right with each episode. Just sayin;) lol. Can't wait till next Sunday!

'The Walking Dead' Season 5 Finale Questions: Who Will Live? Who Will Get Exiled? Where Is Morgan?!

"It's their world. We're just living in it." Enid to Carl Grimes ● Season 5 Episode 15

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