Allison Colpoys

Amazing Face – the most amazing ‘how to’ beauty book ever. Designed of course by Penguin book designer and previous TDF interviewee Allison Colpoys,

'Changing My Mind' book cover illustrated by Si Scott

Regional Design Annual: Print's Yearly Design Competition & Awards

'Changing My Mind' book cover illustrated by Si Scott. Have to admit I pin these images just because I love the book cover covering book cover

Seed bags for Grönt Kulturarv, by Hanna Tunemar

Seed bags have looked the same my entire life. Hanna Tunemar designed this new seed packaging for Grönt Kulturarv, totally shattering the paradigms of the old seed industry. Love their simplicity, earthiness and breakthrough design.


The Book Cover Archive: How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming, design by Oliver Munday — Designspiration

VOGUE / 1 July 1909

⍌ Vintage Vogue ⍌ art and illustration for vogue magazine covers - July 1909