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Emoticons history

Infographic: 30 Years of the Emoticon

you read my #tshirt, that's enough social interaction for one day

You read my t-shirt. That's Enough Social Interaction for one day. (My introvert costume.

Social Media Danger Ads - The Facebook by TBWA Campaign Cautions About Online Interactions (GALLERY)

Use your like wisely Advertising Agency: TBWA, New Delhi, India Art Director: Pankaj Bhagat Copywriter: Anadi Sah Illustrator: Pankaj Bhagat

$200 Instacube is a really awesome marriage of design and social interaction in one gorgeous cube.

Instacube launches on Kickstarter

Product design to promote Social interaction

Product design to promote Social interaction

Packaging that encourages social interaction

Tuned Pale Ale is a product that explores the musical affordances in everyday objects and promotes social spontaneity. While drinking beer, people become musically encouraged and often start making music with objects around them.

getting people out there to do things, not doing it through the mobile or internet.

Marcus Thomas Agency, Cleveland created these anti-social media/pro-social interaction posters for the Kent State Folk Festival.

how we can actually encourage social interaction, through the social proof.

The Proof Is In The Social Pudding: Social proof influences many of our human interactions and decisions, not just buying decisions. Learn to manipulate this social influences.

TweetingSeat is an interactive park bench which is designed to explore the potential for connecting digital and physical communities. The bench logs its usage by uploading images of its users and environment to a live Twitter feed, allowing people to interact with it both in person and virtually.

Public or private, benches are seats of intimacy – places we use to intentionally or unintentionally connect with others around a common design.