1937 | Irish Shilling Cufflinks | Birthday Cufflinks

1941 - Irish Shilling Cufflinks The Irish 1941 shilling cufflinks. The Irish shilling cufflinks or in Irish 'scilling' depicts the Irish bull and the inscription of the value in the Irish script alphabet, while the obverse features the Irish Harp

1937 | English Sixpence Cufflinks | Birthday Cufflinks

1955 gift Idea- 1955 Old English sixpence Cufflinks made with Genuine coins from England - Cufflinks for Men

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Half pence cufflinks USD $59.00 The Irish 1/2p cufflink are made from 1971 1/2p coins, they are mint coins and have perfect definition. The design is from the Book of Kells.

1978 Irish Gift - Irish Cufflinks- Mint Halfpenny Coin -Very rare- Perfect 1978 present or gift-Silver presentation box on Etsy, €

The Gathering- Gift ideas    www.irishcoincufflinks.com

Wedding Cufflinks - Lucky Irish threepence cufflinks - Unique and beautiful handmade lucky gift - satisfaction

7 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift- Copper worldcoincufflinks,http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CS5X9D0/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_4Zwasb0P9K53X5AV

Handmade Celtic Cufflinks-Book of Kells- Irish mint coins. Genuine rare coins from Ireland featuring Irish harp and Irish celtic bird

Cufflinks for Men-Irish Cufflinks

1985 - Irish Cufflinks The Irish 5 pence cufflinks, feature the Irish bull and the reverse side has the Irish Harp with the year the coin was made. The 1985 is a rare coin due to the low circulation of the coins that year.

80. Geburtstagsgeschenk 1934 Irish - Münze Manschettenknöpfe Genuine 1934 Irland Sixpence Manschettenknöpfe - Shirts zum geburtstag (*Partner-Link)

Handmade Irish Coin Cufflinks - Genuine Irish lucky coin -Free silver gift box - Perfect gift from Ireland - satisfaction

Cufflinks in Vintage. Old English sixpence by worldcoincufflinks, $69.00

English Coin Cufflinks - Genuine Old England sixpence - In presentation box - 100% satisfaction

Wedding Cufflinks- Genuine English lucky Sixpence-From the poem 'Something borrowed.

1986  Irish 1p Cufflinks by worldcoincufflinks on Etsy, $69.00

Ideal 31st birthday gift - 1986 Lucky Irish Coin Cufflinks - Includes presentation box - 100% satisfaction

The cufflinks feature an ornamental bird and the design is adapted from the Book of Kells held in Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.

Poland Cufflinks

Poland cufflinks are made using the Poland 10 Groszy coins. These coins are no longer in circulation and are rare.