Little Red Riding Hood tattoo, fairy tale tattoo

75 Best Tattoos for Men in 2013 | Tattooton

Epic arm tattoo: barren tree & forest with birds circling the top - black and grey. Great contrast & love the concept. Very dark & foreboding.

Cat Tattoos!

temporary tattoos - set of three fake cat tatts - to choose from - realistic tattoos - mix and match - cattoos. via Etsy. I want real tats of these though!

I really like the vintage feel of this and the lines in are gorgeous :)

I really like the vintage feel of this - hot air balloon tattoo

Elephant Hamsa Print from Original Pen and Ink by by CMSStationery, $15.00 SO TEMPTING.

Elephant Hamsa Lotus Print from Original Pen and Ink by Catherine Dolch

arrows are beginning to fall into the same category as infinity symbols. but this one is beautiful.

Arrow tattoo geometric tattoo by martina - I love the idea that its all jumbled up, but will still get to its destination :)

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asifthisisme:  P. Niki Stad M. Jerry Melo

Jerry Melo photo by Niki Stad

Gorgeous bird tree tattoo idea.

Shadows | Sticker

75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos

I love art, especially illustrations, but I was blown away when I saw BioWorkZ's ornate animals. These are truly mesmerising and awesome. BioWorkZ a. Ben Kwok is an L. based graphic artist and illustrator.