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splatoon  Damn, why is all Splatoon fan art so freaking cute

I had lots of fun drawing this human version of the inkling girl. It's almost like it's just a girl in a cosplay haha (could be that too, it's up to you. You're a kid now

splatoon switch

:> absurdres bike shorts blue hair brown shoes domino mask full body highres hood hoodie inkling long sleeves mask multicolored hair nintendo switch pointy ears puchiman redhead shoes simple background sitting smile solo splatoon tentacle hair two-to

Legend of Zelda triforce earrings

In with the In-verted Crowd Earrings. Whether youre hanging with the geometry club or yoga crew, these gold stud earrings have you feeling right at home! All I see is a triforce.

If videogame consoles were your teachers

If videogame consoles were your teachers. ---As much as I like drawing hedgehogs and substitute teachers.I think I'll go with PC on this one.--- SO TRUE.Apple is not a video game console but idc