Petite Fille et Lecture aux Toilettes.

Toileting Activity: You read or let child "read" a potty time story while the toddler sits on the toilet. Helps toddlers understand and gauge how long they should be sitting on the toilet. ELG: The younger toddler shows motivation to read.

Fillette et Couronne de Fleurs.

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites - themountainlaurel: Kirsten Rickert / VSCO Grid on imgfave

Enfant et Bonnet en Laine.

So precious. 30 Beautiful and Adorable Photos Of Cute Babies. Will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

Promenade Petite Fille et Canard en Plastique Jaunes par Nagano Toyokazy.

Why do you need a model if you have such a lovely daughter? Japanese photographer Toekatsu Nagano, created a stunning photo album with pictures of his daughter Cannes. Photo album called simply: «My daughter Kanna

Petit au Ventilateur.

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Petit Garçon et Pastèque.

nicole-spring: alwaysandyirons: That smile lights up the whole goddam world. Sweet Axel babyyy this is so cute!

Couche Culotte et Talons Roses.

Baby girl in pink heels! Lehman can we PLEEEEASE get a picture of Ester like this? I'll be willing to lend the high heels for it!

Petites Filles Affamées et Barbes à Papa.

Girls eat large swirls of cotton candy in Copenhagen, Denmark, January Photograph by Gilbert M. Grosvenor, National Geographic LOVE this. What little kid doesnt LOVE cotton candy!