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Funky and unique crochet hats and other accessories. Check out and

layered choppy bob haircut for summer

Green High Waist Pleated Skirt CA$20.80

Scuba Laser Cut Skirt by Spense & Cupio on @nordstrom_rack

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6 Things I Don’t Understand About The Fat Acceptance Movement

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Mermaid Pillows by MermaidPillows on Etsy

Windy City Dress in Green Dots. Cause a chic scene down the Magnificent Mile in this fern green frock - a ModCloth exclusive! #green #modcloth

Reversible Crochet Hat- Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Crocheted Costume Hat

Asymmetrical Swing Coat Woman Jacket in Light Brown by YL1dress

Long Sweatshirt Jacket in Muted Black with Native American Icons by HermitsOfAfton

Sweatshirt Jacket in White with Gold Studs by HermitsOfAfton

Customized Sweatshirt Jacket in Light Beige with Crochet Flowers and Trim by HermitsOfAfton

Sweatshirt Jacket in Camel Color with Colorful by HermitsOfAfton

Crochet Short-Sleeved Jacket in Colorful Brown by HermitsOfAfton

Hermits of Afton Etsy Shop Sale - 20% off any purchase - NYE2015

Customized Sweatshirt Jacket in Ash Gray with Crochet Trim by HermitsOfAfton

Light Blue and White Crochet Bib and Booties Set by HermitsOfAfton

Black and Gray Speckled Curly Scarf by HermitsOfAfton on Etsy

Crochet Brown Handbag with Flower Clips by HermitsOfAfton

Crochet Teal Handbag with Beaded Handles by HermitsOfAfton on Etsy