Wedding Shower idea Decorate Your Front Walk...possibly use cute cut out letters on solid color plates

Graduation Party Tips and Ideas

Cut out letters and glue to paper plates, attach wooden dowels or kabob sticks and stick into the lawn. This graduation decor serves as a direction guide for your party and it can also cut down your party expenditure.

Bridal shower? How cool is this?

Show people you care with a diamond ring of ice! Use this flexible silicone tray to make unique Diamond Ring Ice Cubes. One Diamond Ring Ice Cube tray makes six ice pieces.

bridal shower favor?

Ring Pop gift idea for guests at a girls princess party? You can buy the ring pops at Dollar Tree and Also some white wedding favor boxes can be decorated to match the theme. Stick some Styrofoam in to hold the ring pops down!

Wedding shower games

Top 20 Unique Bridal Shower Games

Keep your gift cards organized in style with this unique Reception Gift Card Holder. Crafted of metal, this ornately designed money card holder features a scrol.

Bridal Shower Favors bridal-shower-ideas

Bridal Shower Favors bridal-shower-ideas, any party favor.with red, white and blue ribbon?

Wedding/ bridal shower inspiration

Vodka Spiked Blueberry Lemonade makes about 8 cups 1 cup sugar 1 cup lemon juice (used bottled) 6 cups water cup fresh or frozen blueberries Place all ingredients in a pitcher and stir till sugar dissolves. Muddle the blueberries a little using th.