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[Rabbit teeth original ivory tower of poetry lolita] ~ ~ England College stripe suit JSK [Department] balance due - Taobao

Character Design, Sketch, Drawing

2014 Halloween costume (Marie Antoinette)

I want my basis of fashion/costuming to focus on clothing more cinematic and that vary in styles such as Steampunk, Victorian, Rococo, etc; something that isn't what we would wear today.

Rammys Little World

LOVE THIS! ///// Turandot skirt, a Roberto Navazo Lady Desidia collaboration EDIT: The skirt is completely sold out. EDIT: The Turandot skirt is back in a limited availability, 10 skirts only. Anyone still interested should contact Lady Desidia!

Innocent World Claudette Removable Collar

Claudette Detachable Collar by Innocent World- Very Classic Lolita or maybe even Hime Lolita; Chocolate, Beige and Black options.